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  1. Hong

    New Karmic Koben S

    IIRC you asked about a list of changes you wanted done to the bike, and I politely said it wasn't possible. You're welcome to do whatever you want to the bike once you own it. :)
  2. Hong

    New Karmic Koben S

    Thanks GV! Glad to have you in the Karmic Family.
  3. Hong

    Nuvinci sourcing and installing in the Bay Area?

    Adding the NuVinci to a bike with regular gearing will be difficult (you have to tension the chain). Adding a Gates Carbon Belt Drive would be nearly impossible. Luckily we've already got both on our Koben S. Feel free to email me when you'd like to try one. Cheers, Hong
  4. Hong

    New Karmic Koben S

    Hi EBR! I haven't posted in a while because we've been busy and my account was locked for some reason. After getting a message from another member here, I remembered that we still have this Karmic Forum on EBR. Well it's been a year since we delivered our first production bikes, and we've got...
  5. Hong

    Hi, I'm Hong from Karmic!

    Thanks for the pointer!
  6. Hong

    New Karmic Kyoto on Kickstarter

    Hi EBR, Thanks to JayVee for pointing out that the Karmic Forum is still here! Check out our new Kyoto on Kickstarter now. I'd love to hear what you think, and answer any questions that you have. We are also doing demos in SF and...
  7. Hong

    Hi, I'm Hong from Karmic!

    It looks like things have changed quite a bit since I was here last year. Since the Karmic Bikes forum is no longer around, I thought I'd just say Hi and (re)introduce myself. Karmic is known for our Koben and Koben S ebikes which use the Max mid-drive system. We just launched our second...
  8. Hong

    It's INTERBIKE 2016!

    We'll be at Interbike. See you there Ann and Court!
  9. Hong

    Karmic Bikes in-stock, ready to go!

    Haha, love this reply. And thanks for reading the Klog!
  10. Hong

    Karmic Bikes in-stock, ready to go!

    Thanks! What's stopping you? ;)
  11. Hong

    Karmic Bikes in-stock, ready to go!

    It would have been on Karmic Bikes but we didn't get the frames finished in time. The winning bike uses the same motor and battery combination from the Koben. We also placed 3rd at Sea Otter, beating quite a few Bosch bikes. ;)
  12. Hong

    Karmic Bikes in-stock, ready to go!

    No, these motors are made specifically for Karmic to match our batteries.
  13. Hong

    Karmic Bikes in-stock, ready to go!

    Hi Folks, I know it's been a while, but we've delivered all our Kickstarter bikes and people are loving their Karmic Bikes! We still have a few bikes from this initial production batch that are ready for shipping across the country. I'd love to see Kobens in all 50 states! If you've been on...
  14. Hong

    Court, please advise.

    While Court has yet to review our Koben S, that's precisely what I'd recommend. But of course I'm biased. ;)
  15. Hong

    Golden Gate Open Class E-Bike Race!

    Sounds like fun, I'll try to make it!
  16. Hong

    Karmic - Karmic Koben, Press - PR - Praise - Critique

    That's the best kept secret of the Koben. ;) Look forward to your thoughts on the Koben S. I don't think there are very many forum members who backed us, but hope the ones who did are happy with the results.
  17. Hong

    Drop Bar conversion on a base model Turbo?

    I think you need to do more research. The chain wear is going to be more than a regular bike, but once a week is just silly. I'd rather ride a mid-drive road bike than a hub-motor conversion. The parts alone would be $500 and you'll have a lot of headaches.
  18. Hong

    Sea Otter Classic Adds eMTB Races for 2016 *NOW 2017 is a Go!

    It was supposed to be a friendly/amateur event, until some of the big brands showed up with their big guns. Most people lined up at the start were on borrowed bikes, and a lot of us haven't been in a bike race in years if not decades. If the point of this "race" was an unrecognized (not UCI...
  19. Hong

    Sea Otter Classic Adds eMTB Races for 2016 *NOW 2017 is a Go!

    We entered two Koben in the eMTB event and I rode a prototype bike - despite the race inspector's protest. I got a flat on the first lap, but Kelly came in 3rd for the women's race. Joe was just out having fun, since Specialized brought a former World Champion to take the win. We only had a...
  20. Hong

    Hey Everyone!

    We've discussed the specs quite a bit on the Kickstarter campaign updates. The bikes are designed with fender and rack mounts, and any regular bike accessories - like lights and locks - would work fine on the Koben.