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  1. RichardL

    Any ideas on a Water Bottle Cage for Lectric 2.0?

    I have 2 Lectric 2.0 bikes. The white one with the lower step through frame height has a water bottle cage mount that will accept a normal bottle cage. The black high frame one has the cage braze-ons mounted in an area of the back of the seat tube that defies any normal bottle cage to fit. The...
  2. RichardL

    Giant Pro E Trying to reset from Kilometers to Miles

    My Giant Pro E went into the shop and while there had a software update. Since then I have been unable to reset it from Kilometers to Miles. In the cell phone Ride app I have set it to miles and all the readings in there are miles but this is not pushed out to the bike. Any ideas?
  3. RichardL

    Gear symbol showing on ROAD E+ PRO dash

    The gear symbol has shown up on the dash on my ROAD E+ PRO. Is there a way for me to service this myself or will I need a visit to my bike shop anytime this comes on.
  4. RichardL

    RideControl iPhone App

    I got the RideControl app working on my 2019 Giant. It is pretty nice but does not allow a switch to miles on some of the readings. Also, there is still no way to change the tire size on the computer.
  5. RichardL

    Single bolt seat post concerns

    I am looking at the single bolt seatpost seat mount on the Road E and just wondering how everyone has made out with that type of post. I had a hard time getting the angle to fine adjust. I guess I'm old school - used to a 2 bolt system system.
  6. RichardL

    Max tire width on the Road E frame

    So the 2019 Road E comes with a 700c 32 tire. Do we think there is room for a 40 in there?
  7. RichardL

    Light power port for Giant e-bikes

    I guess I'm a bit confused why Giant does not offer a pre-installed fused power port to handle lighting. So far it seems everyone is hacking their bikes to have a light power plug-in location and that does not make sense on something we paid so many $$$ for. Any ideas?
  8. RichardL

    Steer tube size on 2018 Road-E +1

    The 2019 Road-E+ 1 Pro I just bought has a 1 1/4" steer tube. Can anyone tell me if the 2018 Road-E +1 model also used that large steer tube size?
  9. RichardL

    New to Forum and E-Bikes but not new to cycling

    I am a former Southern California bicycle shop owner (19 years) and bicycle racer. That was many years and many pounds ago. I have purchased a Giant Road-E+ 1 Pro the other day. The shop is still getting the bike together for me and so I have not yet taken delivery. I am involved in some...