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  1. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    How to purchase online conveniently with big saver from the U.S. to Canada

    Buy items online, especially shipping from the U.S. to Canada , it always makes every customer feel headache due to the high fee of cross border shipping, tax, duties and more. Recently, we find out one good way to solve it out, that is, using cross-border shipping of third-party service...
  2. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    How to Buy EUNORAU Ebikes Online from the U.S to Canada Using Cross Border Shipping

    Buy EUNORAU ebikes online, it always makes customers from Canada feel headache due to no local Canadian warehouse yet (but it comes out in nearest future), high shipping fee and duties because of cross border shopping. But now, we find out one good way to solve it out, that is, using...
  3. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    New exclusive model for independent buyer!

    Hi,Guys, Here are 2 new exclusive models for ebike/outdoor company. if you guys are interesting to get this one, email to
  4. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    The ebike Promotion for ebike Shops and direct order from China

    Get one 1% more spare parts if you place a bulk OEM order this month! #BFCM #OEMebikes #buyebikesfromchina Get few free bikes if you place a order from our wholesale models and stock in Las Vegas.
  5. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    Step off the Sidelines and Jump on the High-tech Ebike Craze

    Maybe you've seen them on your city's streets. Or, perhaps you've seen them on bike paths or trails. Affordable electric ebikes are showing up everywhere. They're fun, environmentally friendly, and economical. Hit the road with the newest technology in electrical bicycle motoring. Ebikes in...
  6. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    You should know before ordering the Hunting ebike-New Buying Guide

    Best Electric Hunting Bikes - Buyers Guide Concealing any type of movement while hunting is one of the biggest challenges faced by the hunters. In fact, it was almost impossible for hunters to carry their equipment and stay "off the radar" before the advent of hunting e-bikes. Custom hunting...
  7. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    A nice Lie: China Supplier Register Customer's eBike Brand In China

    The e-bike market was valued at USD 23.89 billion in 2020, and it is expected to witness a CAGR of 11.86 %, during the forecast period, 2021-2026. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the lock downs as well as restrictions followed, the production of e-bikes witnessed a decline, but the...
  8. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    2021 BTN/EUNORAU e-bikes Line-up upgrade for Dealer&Wholesale

    1.E-FAT-MN:Add Green color&front basket support at 2020 season,The Brake upgrade to Hydraulic brake at 2021 (after sold out the current inventory). 2.E-FAT-STEP: Add Pink color&front basket support at 2020 season,The Brake upgrade to Hydraulic brake at 2021(after sold out the current...
  9. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    Breaking news: 2021 new FAT-HS, Pre-order or customized your own brand bike now

    Breaking news: 2021 new FAT-HS, Pre-order or customized your own brand bike now.
  10. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    BTN new OEM ebikes/Frame Kit/ebike kits updating

    Hi, Guys, As you know we are the manufacture of the ebikes&always research new ebikes for market, the new ebikes is developed base on the newest market request, we only take models to unique customer who sell this model, if you have any new thought, let us know. new products updating...
  11. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    Electric bicycle hub motors eBike have more Torque or mid-drive motor ebike have More Torque?

    Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular forms of two-wheeled electric transportation for both commuting and pleasure riding. The two most common electric motor styles used in today’s electric bicycles are hub motors and mid-drive motors. Which one is best for your needs? Read on to...
  12. Hangzhou BTN ebike


    Hi, Here is the booth of BTN on the CABDA show&Denver Outdoor retailer show. It was a great show&talk with North America partners, there are some new bikes on the show, if you missed the show, also can get the news from . Thank you.
  13. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    Bafang BBSHD M615 48V/52V controller error code 07H update, new version with 48V battery show 85%

    Hi, guys, Many customers like to use a 52V battery connect to their BBSHD motors, the old 48V version controllers don't support that, so it will show 07H on the display. The newest 48V52V version can work with 48V/52V both battery, but it will show 85% on display when you connect to a 48V...
  14. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    BTN 2020 new ebikes ideas collecting......

    To help the dealers, BTN aims to make good bikes and good service for dealers. now it is time to start making new bikes or update the current bikes for 2020 season, if you have any ideas, please let BTN know. Every People which emailed to us will get a special Coupon when ordering a bike...
  15. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    EUNORAU bikes compare with other brand

    Max-cargo bike: Fat-hd bike:
  16. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    BTN white lable ebikes for shops Order Process(USA/CANADA/AUSTRALIA avaliable now)

    As 3 years effort, we have been helped many of the ebike shops, ebike online store owner,Young people who want start a new company......etc. Now they have good jobs, good sales, good profit,no presure of the stocking inventory. that is the value what we have to continue. it was been hard to...
  17. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    BTN white lable ebikes in USA/AU for Ebike Rentals, Tours, Travel Promotions ,New website comes

    BTN electric bikes come with a new website(, still working with the details, but it is more smoothly click and response. take a look to get more business cooperation with BTN electric bikes GET IN TOUCH Wholesale&Drop-shipping contact: Ruby:
  18. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    BTN:OEM Premium ebikes&white lable ebike drop-shipping leader/help small business grow up

    The best way to know us is from the EBR videos, we are lucky that we have a chance to meet Court and Mikey, so we can bring our products to USA/CANADA market. the shops always ask us why we should offer the bikes from you? oops. that is a good question. you can download the file from...
  19. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    Australia electric bike drop shipping selling service(BTN electric bikes)

    Yes, we are the factory of the OEM electric bikes in China, but we also have 3000 sq meter space warehouse in California, USA. so we what we can do for the online shop seller or shops; 1. Ship the bikes to customers after you sold the bike ONLINE. 2. Keep good profit for the shops(example...
  20. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    Help electric bike small business, help electric bike e-commerce!

    It is great to introduce ourselves here. we have been working with electric bike more than 8 years, due to the market change, we start offer new service to customers,Help electric bike small business, help electric bike e-commerce!. Here is the main service and products what will we do in the...