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    Secondary Battery

    If you follow me you know I have a 1000w hub motor in FRONT, along with a true 750w Baffang motor in rear. So far I have used the stock RAD battery for both motors, through a simple splitter. Recently I mounted a dedicated battery mount for an "EGO" battery for the front motor, on my bike...
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    EGO battery

    I picked up an EGO brand Lithium Ion 56v 2.5 Ah battery and charger at a garage sale for next to nothing. It is small, light, and appears to be a well rated popular heavy duty battery for large yard tools like lawn mowers and snow blowers. I see they make them up to 80v and 10Ah, and many other...
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    New error report on Rad Runner

    I completed some basic frame mods and went to turn on my bike, and got a "Motor position sensor fault", and nothing works. I have not seen this or have not read about it. Any ideas? any reference for all Rad errors and codes? Thanks!
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    Front dropout fortification

    As you may know, I added a 1000w front hub motor to my Rad Runner. I began to have some concerns about the strength of the dropouts, which appear to be cast aluminum, and are not very "meaty". I read some other reports where it may be unsafe to install a hub motor EITHER on a sprung fork front...
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    Battery cut out at high loads

    I currently have a true 1000w baffang rear hub motor, with 35A controller in rear, and another 1000w front hub motor with separate controller (unknown amps) and throttle. I can nail the rear throttle with no issues. Same with the front throttle, INDIVIDUALLY. These systems run independently...
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    motor quits upon initial throttle twist

    Hello Forum, As you know, I have a RadRunner, with upgrades including (what is relevant only) EBW 35 amp controller and color display, and a true 1000w Baffang motor. I have played for hours with all of the settings, trying to get things right, and at one time all worked well. Never being...
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    Upgrade battery options

    I am stuck on what battery to get as my second battery. I have studied all of the Li-ion packs out there, and have a good feel for the differences Li-ion 18650 cell brand, quality, and the options for voltage and amperage. WHEN I decided to look into normal deep cycle lead acid batteries, I...
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    Next Project: 2 Wheel Drive

    I bet you can't figure out my next project? While waiting for my derailleur to show up, I decided to pull the trigger on my "All Wheel Drive" Rad Runner (primarilly for beach and off road use). I bought a 1000w hub motor/rim and mounted a tube and tire, and mounted it to my Bolton front end on...
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    RadRunner 1 Gear Shift Ability

    I have done or tried just about every mod possible on a Radrunner 1, and love what I have as a result. However, I see the new RadRunner Plus now has gear shifting ability. At first I thought that was a bit superfluous, but am beginning to "get it" and want to try getting there. I have seen a...
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    RadRunner battery gauge

    I had not noticed before, but there is a series of green and red lights on my battery, which illuminate when the key is on, and the adjacent button is pressed. Is this battery gauge reliable? Is it linear? Is there a voltage remaining level associated with each green and/or red light? I have...
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    Completed my RadRunner upgrade/modification, Phase 1

    I have been hinting and posting about my ongoing modifications to my RadRunner. Unfortunately, there is not that much out there on modifying the RadRunner, so much of this was trial and error. Many have said some of these things cant be done . Wrong! First off, I took my first ride last...
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    Radrunner upgrade to TRUE 750w Bafang hub motor

    I have come to learn that the RadRunner does not really have a 750w motor, but a smaller 500 which may peak at 750w. Several online videos showing this, and it becomes obvious when you compare them side by side. So I purchased a new Bafang 750 hub motor, and am mounting it on my RadRunner. I...
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    Radrunner gear shift

    Has anyone contemplated adding a shimano 7 speed gear shift ability to the Radrunner? I received a 7 gear cassette with my new Bafang 750 motor, so all I think I should need is a handlebar mount shifter and cable, and a derailleur. I am contemplating installing the cassette on the motor, and...
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    Bolton Bikes

    I am wondering why there is no thread available for Bolton Bikes in the section dedicated to the many bike manufacturers? They have some pretty cool stuff, and probably sell more bikes than 90% of the companies listed?
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    Front wheel drive

    I have replaced my stock Rad Runner motor, controller and display, and have the old supposed 750 watt Bafang (it is not 750, at least compared to the replacement motor) motor available. Any suggestions on installing it on the front wheel, for a two wheel drive bike? Would I need a separate...
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    Rad White wire speed hack

    I did the "secret" white wire speed hack on my RadRunner and was very pleased with the 2-3 MPH (10%) speed increase. There were no notable negative issues, and all other parts work just fine. It could be me, but it seems like there may have been a bit more torque as well (I ride on the beach...