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  1. monroe350

    Bike shops closed in Michigan

    Bike shops are finally open again in Michigan.
  2. monroe350

    Bike shops closed in Michigan

    Good to hear some places are smarter than Michigan. Originally showrooms were closed but you could pick up and drop off outside the shop. Also riding bus is quite dangerous a number of virus cases and deaths reported there.
  3. monroe350

    Bike shops closed in Michigan

    Sadly same problem here. In addition bus service is limited right now and many of these people do not own cars and need to ride bikes to the hospital. The national media has tried to portray the Michigan protests as about Trump and guns rights. Lots of people unhappy not just Trump...
  4. monroe350

    Bike shops closed in Michigan
  5. monroe350

    Fuji E-Bikes - New Dealer Looking to get Oriented

    Welcome Steve, I have an ebike with a 350W bafang(8fun) hub drive motor on a schwinn monroe. I doubt your bike is limited to 20 mph when going down hill or pedaling super fast. The motor will cut out at 20mph but unless you have regenerative braking. It is probably that your display will...
  6. monroe350

    Upgrading to 500c Bafang display

    I have bafang hub drive with a very basic display I would like to upgrade to a 500c bafang display. I know it uses the same electrical connector. Should it work if I used this display instead...
  7. monroe350

    Looking for first ebike (tons of range, throttle, thick tire, no more than 1500 CAD)

    I own a bike with a 350 watt motor and the exact same size battery so I would expect very similar performance. I can get a max of 32 miles using full pedal assist riding thru fairly hilly terrain. My bike does not have a throttle, but can easily hit 20 mph on flatter surfaces. If you were...
  8. monroe350

    Build on a Small Frame

    I would think a rear rack mount battery might make sense. You would need to buy a rear rack that works for disc brake bikes.
  9. monroe350

    Why do people hate cyclists?

    The only restriction Michigan has is no bikes on limited access highways. Bikes are supposed ride to the right of the lane except when taking a left and cars must give 5 feet of space when passing a bike.
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    Are puncture resistant tires harder to change.

    Thanks for sharing. My bike uses 700cx38 tires also with high rims.
  11. monroe350

    Home repair of cheap e-bikes

    Yes I would stay away from the Schwinn Monroe because of your height. I am 5'5" and the small frame runs kind of big. It depends how hilly the area is you live. I was pleasantly surprised how good it is at climbing hills even without gears. If you live in a mountainous area I would want...
  12. monroe350

    Home repair of cheap e-bikes

    Hello, I was in pretty much the same situation as you. I saved for a long time to afford what I bought. I don't consider myself a bike mechanic but I know the basics. I bought a schwinn monroe 350 from Walmart when it went on sale and a extra warranty so far I have not had a single issue...
  13. monroe350

    Torque Wrench Recommendation

    I think you mean newton meters not nanometers. Depends what torque range you need I would guess you will be tightening small bolts. I would get a clicker style torque wrench. Digital is probably overkill unless you know you need super accuracy. I probably would buy one that has good...
  14. monroe350

    Are puncture resistant tires harder to change.

    Hello I recently got an ebike. I read that changing puncture resistant tires are difficult to change and that many people take them to a bike dealer to have it done. I have change quite a few regular bike tires what make them harder to work with? Thank you
  15. monroe350

    What Info are you looking for on a display???

    I recently got a Schwinn Monroe 350 which has a very basic display assist level and battery level. I thought I would hate this but I actually like it. The novelty of needing to knowing how fast I am biking has become less important. I wouldn't mind knowing how many miles the bike has on it...