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  1. Nirmala

    Ebiking is shown to be healthy in new study

    Most of us know this already, but here is a study showing that ebiking is good for you: From the study: There was moderate evidence that e-cycling provided physical activity of at least moderate intensity...
  2. Nirmala

    Good article about Cycling in the Netherlands

    Good article about how the Dutch integrate bikes into their entire transportation system:
  3. Nirmala

    Subscription model for Ebikes

    Van Moof is offering a subscription where you can rent an ebike for $298 down and then $19 a month. It would seem to lower the cost of entry for a lot of people, and might even make sense if you are moving somewhere for just a short while, but do not want to take your bike with you, as you can...
  4. Nirmala

    NYC lifts Ebike Ban!

    It is about time:
  5. Nirmala

    For those who love the snow: A ski to replace your front wheel

    This seems like it could be a lot of fun....but I would definitely want full suspension for downhill runs:
  6. Nirmala

    Food for thought: Why sometimes bicycles are invisible to cars

    Interesting article about an intersection that has had three very similar bicycle fatalities with an explanation of how the drivers could have literally never seen the bicycle until impact...
  7. Nirmala

    Sobering information about adults dying in bike/car collisions
  8. Nirmala

    Nice vision of a future ruled by bikes

    CNN had this article today:
  9. Nirmala

    Haibike recall announced
  10. Nirmala

    What next? How about an electric surfboard?

    If an electric bike is not enough, how about a jet powered electric surfboard? No waves required. That is a selfie stick, not a tow bar! And here is someone going upstream in a river: The company's website is...
  11. Nirmala

    Bikes for really deep snow

    I just saw this article about snow bikes: They look like they would be a blast in really deep snow. I wish there was an electric version, although I also found this prototype of an electric snow bike: (Link Removed - No Longer...
  12. Nirmala

    Long Term Review of the Magnum Ui5

    I have posted some impressions of my Magnum Ui5 on here in the past, but now that I have owned the bike for over a year, I thought it might be time for a review based on my long term experiences with the ebike. In the past year I have ridden over 2500 miles on my bike, and my wife has put over...
  13. Nirmala

    New Battery technology from MIT

    This could be really good news in a few years when it trickles down to ebike batteries: Some folks at MIT have developed a new Lithium battery technology that offers twice the energy storage for the same...
  14. Nirmala

    Does using throttle to start from dead stop harm the controller?

    This thread on a recumbent bike forum has a post (by marc S.) that suggests it is extremely hard on a typical controller to use the throttle to start up from a dead start: Does anyone here have a perspective on this? I...
  15. Nirmala

    Review of High Performance Ebikes Recumbent Tricycle Conversion

    I just spent the afternoon with Paul MacDonald of High Performance Ebikes checking out his electric conversion of a KMX Typhoon recumbent tricycle. The quick take is that it made me feel like a 12 year old kid with the coolest go-cart in the neighborhood, and maybe even the entire country! The...
  16. Nirmala

    Magnetic pedals: A new approach

    I have been thinking of trying clipless pedals especially for my new recumbent bike that I am going to add electric power to. But I have hesitated because of the trickiness of getting clipped in and also getting out. But I just heard about these new pedals that use a magnetic system to "attach"...
  17. Nirmala

    Would there be interest in a forum topic dedicated to guest/user reviews?

    I spoke to Court yesterday about possibly adding a feature to the forum or maybe even the main site for reviews created by forum members who either own a particular ebike, or are able to give it a thorough test ride and then post their own take on that model. So I am checking if there would be...
  18. Nirmala

    Feeling the need for speed? How about 80 mph on an ebike?

    I just met a local guy who does custom conversions of recumbent tricycles, and also likes to tinker. A few years ago, he created a 125 volt, 10,000 watt recumbent ebike that he clocked on an airport runway at over 80 mph! This might be a more appropriate topic over on where they...
  19. Nirmala

    Geared motor making noise when slowing down

    The geared hub motor on my Magnum Ui5 makes some noise whenever I am slowing down but still pedaling, like when I am starting up a very gradual hill and my speed is dropping as the motor is working. My wife's bike is the same model but does not make this noise. Most of the time the motor is...
  20. Nirmala

    Hybrid electric scooter

    Here is a fun looking electric scooter with a gas tank and a small generator for unlimited range: I still am amazed that someone can produce a bike like this with 20 amp battery, full integrated lights including turn signals, mirrors, fenders, suspension and...