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    Adding light kit

    thinking of adding a light kit to my Felt eNiner. Anyone done this? Does it drain the battery significantly? Good idea or bad idea?
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    About to pull the trigger on Nine-e! Please help on tires!

    After weeks of test driving, reading reviews, and sorting through the rabbit hole of finding my perfect e-bike, I have settled on the Felt Nine-e. I love the bosch system, the weight of the bike, and the wider tires. I do not plan to use this bike on the mountain, but rather around town and...
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    So many bikes to choose from. Help!

    I fell in love with e-bikes recently. And am going to buy one. Looking at the 4K range. I rode the Felt Verza and liked it a lot. Though I heard there are some concerns about the weight in the back. Is this a real concern? Are there other bikes I should consider? Should I wait until 2016 bikes...