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    Watt Wagons Ultimate Commuter 2 rides 175 miles now 1075 miles, more than 2 rides

    My thoughts from my first rides I like the bike. I went 102 miles on the 2nd ride thought I was doing 80. It exhumes quality. It is fast, I hit mid 30s on a couple speed tests while riding. It is powerful! Hills are no longer taken into consideration.1 spot on my ride at 36 miles are some steep...
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    Stromer St-1 platinum for parts ? With a couple additional batteries and chargers

    I have a Stromer St-1 currently not working and a few parts to let go to their next stop. The bike is a large black with 27 speeds. It currently rolls. i quit riding it when it got the no comm error. It looks like it may be the display but I haven’t found any to test others to verify. It has a...
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    Power pack 400 on ebony for under 250

    I bought 7s Sat , ordered the dual battery at the time hoping for installation this week. I think it was 1095. I looked for an additional battery and found list price of 8 something is about the only choice. I saw a power pack 400 for a 3rd battery on eBay for 250 or best offer. I offered 240 ...
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    Love-Hate relationship , current status “Love”

    I have had my ups and down with my Stromers. Currently the ST2s is running great! Torques sensor smooth and just goes... I did 122 miles Sat and 104 yesterday. Tired but could have done more if I had time...1 blue, 1 gold and over 2/3 of the last blue both times. Sprint on the way home towards...
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    48 volt vs 36 volt throttle, interchangeable?

    Hi, I am having electronic gremlins in my Bh easy motion Nitro. One of them is with the throttle if I power on the the bike with the throttle connected the PAS is very jerky. If started with power level set to 0 I get error code 17 and can only clear by turning off and starting its power level...
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    New class 3 or more hub motor bikes starting with the Biktrix Swift and the Hilleater Phaserunner

    I have owned only hub motor ebikes (Stromers) since my 1st bike in 2011. I was not happy with the service I have received and since purchasing moved to Atlanta where the closest shop is in Tennesse so they are out. Currently the 2 most interesting bikes I am aware of for the near future are the...
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    New wheel for ST2, which one one? From which vendor?

    Hi, My St2 needs a new rear wheel. The spokes have started pulling through the cracks still attached to the nubs. The wheel and spokes need to replaced ( 20,000 miles or so ). My repair shop in no longer a Stromer dealer. I would like a wheel of equal or slightly better quality. I have never...
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    Discounts on Stromer 2017 models

    local shop is selling a ST2s for 1/2 price , good deal or the norm for 2017 models? New bike
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    Need a bike rack for inside a van

    I bought a van to carry my 2 Stromers. It is a Mercedes Metris. I would like to have a ramp to push up the bikes and then have them snapped/locked in place and then off we go to our next ride is the plan. It needs to be quite secure, removeable and simple. I can't pickup the bikes any more due...
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    New tires for ST2, which ones where to buy?

    My rear tire is bald ! Time for a new set . Happy almost 12k miles and celebrate with some nice tires for my ST 2. I am running 26x2.00 . The choices seem to be Schwalbe Marathons or the Continetals which come on the S. I am leaning towards the Schwalbe Marathon Deluxe HS 420 based on the...
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    auto turn on questions

    Sometimes when my ST2 gets moved it turns itself on automatically and sometimes it doesn't. I am not aware of what triggers the bike to to turn on. It seems that it must have been left on and turned itself off and with in a certain time??? Could somebody enlighten me ? Thanks
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    ST2 53 tooth vs stock 52 tooth

    I have a slow cadence (if you can call it a cadence, not real consistent) .I have read on the Swiss/German Stromer site that a person has switched to a 53 tooth front chaining. I believe this would help me at higher speeds, I find myself trying to switch to a higher gearing even when I am in...
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    omni 3.3

    My Omni app wants to update to 3.3. My bike is in the shop currently so i wont be updating til i get it back. Has anybody got any add'l info on the update? is the firmware update to go with it? if you have it do you like it? what are the changes you see? thanks
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    Short Term update on my bike and needed repairs, misc rambling

    hi, a couple days ago as i was riding in Georgetown my left crank arm hit a curb and appears and feels to be bent. I have about 4200 miles on the bike and seems like it is time to get all my issues looked at. I called Stromer USA and spoke to Chan. I am going to take it to Big Wheel bikes in...
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    error messages

    I received an error message while riding yesterday and I would like to know more about it. it said something to the effect of : error please got to sensor point or something near this . I hit ok as I was in traffic and kept going a little. I puled over and watched the wireless arrows go back...
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    Stromer ST2 extra battery group buy

    I am very interested in getting a 2nd battery for my ST2. In an earlier thread other people wrote they were also interested. My understanding is the new larger battery wont be available until spring/summer next year. I do not wish to wait. I believe we can save a few bucks by getting a group...
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    Drive error

    Past 2 days I have received the above "Drive Error" it follows with a help choice which says remove the battery and restart. Both time I have done so and went off on 40-50 mile rides. Possibly related issue.I still have jerkiness in level 3. Also I found a small cylinder sized magnet stuck on...
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    ST1 need fender arms

    On my wife's bike the brace from the fender to the suspension fork has broken off at the fork. Are these available for replacement? I think it best to get the matching pair if they are, Any one have part numbers and order information ? Thanks
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    Torque sensor adjustment

    My st1 is not running correctly. It is noticeably slower than my wife's. When watching the power arrows on the display they never go to 4 arrows no matter how hard I push on the pedals. It was pointed out the my t sensor bracket was in a fairly different location then normal, not sure when that...
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    Warranty on MAGURA brakes ?

    My front brake does not hold pressure , had it bled a month ago , handle now low , require much effort. I checked w/the latest Stromer shop in the area. They stated they called Stromer and said warranty was through MAGURA directly (don't like this answer BTW). Has anybody dealt w/Magura? My out...