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  1. Shea N Encinitas

    Virtue Pedalist - Enclosed (mostly) e-trike launches on Kickstarter

    Fun to see the locations for the promo vid, all very familiar and just north of me. More deets at Bicycle Retailer & their own website. Virtue will offer The Pedalist with a 750-watt electric motor and 48v 32A li-ion battery that will provide a range of 50-plus miles per charge. The Pedalist has...
  2. Shea N Encinitas

    Pimp your Stealth...

    If 10K did not put a big enough hole in your wallet now you can pimp your Stealth up to motorcycle standards (looks badd azz btw). See and translate link for Deeters deets: -S
  3. Shea N Encinitas

    A new Stromer coming? (not the ST2 btw)...

    I just saw a FB post where they are lighting a 'new Stromer',.. lots of bounce cards and strobes but the bike is not shown yet. Could this be a Full Suspension ST2? ST1.1 with upgraded battery and motor/controller? Guess we'll have to wait for now. -S
  4. Shea N Encinitas

    Recycled AA batteries,..

    So this TV advertisement has been buggin me lately, a major mfg calling their batteries recycled but it says right on the pckg '4% recycled'. 4%! WT% - are they just using the metal wrap? If they were 40% recycled well ok but this 4% does not represent a recycled product IMO. Please feel free...
  5. Shea N Encinitas

    Bosch controller 'dream'...

    So I got caught in the rain on Xmas morning, and although my haibike FS RX ran fine for several days this morning I had a dream that the controller was stuck in Shutdown mode. It would not respond to any button depressions or reset. Naturally I'm thinking if I could pull the internal battery I...
  6. Shea N Encinitas

    Curious about hydroforming?

    Stumbled across this video on hydroforming today, reminds me of 70's era shop class movies. -S
  7. Shea N Encinitas

    Cool pic I took out biking this evening..

    Got some great sunset shots tonight, then jamming home I spotted this:
  8. Shea N Encinitas

    Haibike FS RX - Details video

    Just some details shots of the Haibike FS RX, things you don't really see in the review videos. I think the chain is too long, note high gear derailleur position. Grips, pedals & tires upgraded to my specs. Note the 250 watt, 20 mph label,.. hhmmn I could swear that it is a 350 watt motor. ;)...
  9. Shea N Encinitas

    Interesting talk on why Li-ion batteries die, pretty techy.

    This will put some of you to sleep, others will hang on every word.
  10. Shea N Encinitas

    Anyone know who makes these?

    Spotted this one available for rent in DT San Diego, interesting build. -S
  11. Shea N Encinitas RealSpeed Bosch Pedelec Tuning - Works!

    So I gambled on a tuning system for the Bosch mid drive system, was not certain my version of the firmware was compatible or the US build of the bike (Haibike FS RX). I'm happy to report no problems, maybe a 20 minute install. I ordered the crank (treadle as translated) puller and Torx T20...
  12. Shea N Encinitas

    Imagine my surprise when...

    I'm 28.5 miles out, I swap batteries for the ride home and, someone forgot to top off the tank! Two bars on each battery and almost 30 miles home. So I decide to go for it, pick my battles by running zero assist on all the flats and some minor inclines, toggling the power off as often as...
  13. Shea N Encinitas

    MOAB BLM Bans e-bikes on single track.

    MTBR has the story here. -S
  14. Shea N Encinitas

    Gunna try these 650Bee Lines on my MTB.

    27.5 inch tires are rare in the local shops at this point, so I ordered these from Jenson. More of a road or hard dirt tire because I'm tearing up the Knobby Nic's on the street. Was short 2 cents for free shipping so I added a peanut butter goo. -S
  15. Shea N Encinitas

    Haibike with huge fork (German)

    Thought this was interesting, even in roughly translated mode. I like the rear shock splash guard too. -S (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  16. Shea N Encinitas

    Bike repair stand:

    I wonder if this would hold the Haibike frame or seatpost? Might make maintenance more manageable. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  17. Shea N Encinitas

    Haibiking So Cal with just a windbreaker..

    It's been a little slow lately so I put together a ride video today, nothing special, just finding patches of dirt along side my usual coastal route. 30 mile trip with 2 bars remaining, but sub 20 mph speeds and auto assist ZERO above 20 makes this a trivial achievement. YouTUBE stabilizing...
  18. Shea N Encinitas

    Haibike Pedal Thread Measurements and Top vs. Bottom

    Ok so I pulled the pedal and it is 9/16th, yeah!. BTW the narrow stock pedals are asymmetrical in that there is a top and bottom. When flipped the axle body creates a high spot, and it is not easy to visually discern the orientation, so just wait for your foot to slip off ;) and then you'll...
  19. Shea N Encinitas

    Picked up a Haibike today, Xduro FS RX.

    Finally sold my 15 lb carbon sculpture, aka road bike today, and threw down on a low mileage demo Haibike. After re-centering and tightening the display mount, doing laundry etc waiting for a full charge, I could find no other pre-ride tweaks to make, although I did fumble with the brake levers...
  20. Shea N Encinitas

    207 mph rocket bike!

    Now that takes ballz!