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  1. Mass Deduction

    How do you pronounce "Eco"?

    A lot of e-bike systems have a low-power mode called "Eco". I'm curious how you pronounce it, and where in the world you live. I've heard two pronunciations: - something like 'eek-oh' - something similar to 'eck-oh' Personally, I'm team 'eek-oh', and I live in British Columbia. :)
  2. Mass Deduction

    Hypermiling - settings to modify to get extreme range

    I'm interested in trying some e-bike "hypermiling" (a term I hear e-cars owners using for when they're trying to get max range on a charge). I have a bike where I can modify top speed, assist percentage, max torque, and max wattage, and I'm curious for feedback on the best way to do that. I...
  3. Mass Deduction

    External vs Integrated battery packs - which do you prefer and why?

    There's a significant push towards integrated battery packs. I'm actually a fan of the external battery packs as they tend to be smaller, easier to swap, and less expensive. They're also often better sealed when being transported out of the bike. I think that integrated batteries can look...
  4. Mass Deduction

    What is your current e-bike, and what do you hope will be your next?

    Some of you may have an e-bike that you plan to own, maintain, and enjoy for years to come. If so, that's awesome! For those of us who have an e-bike in mind to replace their current one: which is your current e-bike, what do you have your eye on as your next e-bike, and why?
  5. Mass Deduction

    25km/h? 32? 45? 60? What speed do you *actually* want on your e-bike?

    Most of my e-bikes have been class-3 (45 km/h, 28 mph). But I've also ridden many class 1 e-bikes (32km/h, 20 mph), and bikes limited to 25 km/h. I wasn't very satisfied with 25 km/h (15.5 mph) for commuting. I can usually ride as fast or faster than that on a muscle bike, so it didn't add a...
  6. Mass Deduction

    Things I learned (or think I've learned) doing e-bike travel this past summer

    I did several big e-bike rides for work this summer, some solo, and some in staff groups. All on reasonably lightweight (43-55 pound) and powerful (63-90 Nm) class-3 mid-drive e-bikes The shortest was 100km each way, with a rest day in between, from southern Vancouver Island to Bellingham...
  7. Mass Deduction

    Percentage of assist for different STePS systems

    My web-search-fu has been failing me. I'm trying to find the percentage increase of each mode of assist for each Shimano STePS system. Or any of them. By percentage assist I mean, how much each mode assists you. For example, Bosch Active Line and Active Line Plus gives you 40% assist in...
  8. Mass Deduction

    BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Road One

    This e-road bike looks amazing: It's the first super lightweight mid-drive electric road bike with a large capacity battery that I've ever seen. In my experience super lightweight e-road bikes either have tiny batteries...
  9. Mass Deduction

    Evo mid-drive product coming for 2020

    It looks like Evo has a mid-drive e-bike with a Promovec motor coming for 2020. This Promovec mid-drive appears to be a new-ish product (they've been known for hub motors up until now). I thought I'd start a thread in case anyone is familiar with this drive unit, or gets to test-ride one of...