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    I just bought a new first comments are posted to a thread in the Q&A section of this site. What a great bike! "Integrale" is a very appropriate name for the line.....this bike is amazingly well integrated. More later...I'm going for a ride.
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    San Diego Electric Bike Expo

    The San Diego Electric Bike Expo is this weekend .... Feb 26-28 .... At Liberty Station in Point Loma. Check online for details.
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    San Diego Electric Bike Expo

    This Friday thru Sunday (Feb 26-28) is the San Diego Eectric Bike expo at Liberty Station. It will be a great opportunity to ride and compare a wide variety of electric bikes. Both Stromer and Kalkhoff/Focus now have their North American headquarters near San Diego.
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    Kalkhoff Integrale

    I'm very close to buying an S11 ..... and would love to find some reviews. Is this bike as good as it looks? Fig