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  1. Scottv

    "Error 30 Maintain" on RadRover

    Hi Prophet, Please send an email to The tech team will be more than happy to help you out!
  2. Scottv

    Radrover Power Meter

    Slower speeds and high wattage is actually harder on the controller and motor. If possible when going up hills, it is best to keep the speed above 8-10 mph while using 500 watts. This keeps the phase current (motor current) down and provides more air cooling.
  3. Scottv

    Rad Rover LCD shuts down

    Hi Mark, please send an email to The tech team will be happy to help you out quickly!
  4. Scottv

    Help with Radwagon rear axle

    You're welcome! I hope you find it. If not, send us an email and the tech team will help you out!
  5. Scottv

    Help with Radwagon rear axle

    Hi Eobanb, There is supposed to be a torque washer in between the motor and the drop out, it is critical that it is used to prevent damage to the motor or braking system. Below is a picture of what the torque washer looks like. The picture below shows the torque washer installed and...
  6. Scottv

    Rad mini fenders

    Hi Roger, Here are the instructions for the RadMini fender installation: .
  7. Scottv

    Bike work stand... heavy duty...

    I have heard great things about the those Feedback Sports Repair Stands! One thing I would be careful of is clamping them too hard on the frame. The frame tubing on bicycles isn't as strong as the seatpost and bike stands have enough clamping force to actually crush fame tubes. When...
  8. Scottv

    Rad city.

    The RadCity comes with a 14-34 freewheel so it is very easy to pedal around in first gear! Going up hills without power is also possible with this gearing. Of course going up hills without power will require some work from the rider, but it's about what you would expect with an eBike.
  9. Scottv

    Radrover fenders

    You're welcome Hfk2, I'm glad I could help!
  10. Scottv

    Looking for info and help on a Radwagon

    Hi Svswan, I would recomend sending an email to about the issue. The warranty won't be valid for second owners. However, we are still happy to help solve the problem! In your case I would recomend unplugging and plugging back in specifically the 10-pin connector...
  11. Scottv

    PAS too fast Rad Rover 2016

    Hi Fran, It sounds like the bike you have has an older version of the programming on it (there isn't anything bad about the one you have). Please send an email to "" we can definitely send controller out to you with the latest software on it!
  12. Scottv

    Radrover fenders

    Thanks! There are many more videos to come and that is one that is on the list.
  13. Scottv

    Radrover fenders

    Hi Hfk2, Take a look at the installation video specifically step 6 for adjusting the clamp. Here is the link to the video: Standard Fender Installation.
  14. Scottv

    Large Ortlieb Handlebar Bag

    Hi Steven, That's a cool looking bag! Did the bike shop say how much taller the stem was compared to the spacers? If it is only 1-2mm taller then it will probably be ok. However if it is anything more than 5mm then it could be unsafe and could damage the steerer tube on the fork.
  15. Scottv

    Rear Rack installation for RadRover

    Hi Rray, The mount on the back of the RadRover rear rack is for attaching the same rear light that comes with the RadMini and the RadWagon. Below is a picture of what the light looks like: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  16. Scottv

    Any RadMini people out there

    Hi Mbirds, As for removing the freewheel, it may help if you put something in between the two halfs of the tool to fill the gap. Most of the time just a flat head screwdriver on one side is enough to provide the tool with a enough grip so it doesn't slip.
  17. Scottv

    Any RadMini people out there

    Hi Mbirds, Instead of cutting wires coming out of the motor I would recommend cutting the freewheel removal tool in half. This way you won't have to risk harming any of the electronics on the bike.
  18. Scottv

    What's the deal with racks and fenders?

    Hi Mark, The fenders that are on the way now will be longer than the standard ones that are listed on the website. However they won't be as "full" as the old premium fenders.
  19. Scottv

    What's the deal with racks and fenders?

    Rad Power Bikes will have rear racks for the RadRover on May 2nd and fenders will come in May 9th. It may take a few days for them to be ready to ship out.
  20. Scottv

    RAD Rover Quick Release

    Hi Everyone, The Bike in the video from the original post above is a 2016 RadRover. If you purchased your bike in 2016 online, then it will be the same as the bike in the quick release video.