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    Upgrades, Tuning and Modifications

    This threat should give space for talks all around tuning and upgrades on #Addmotor bikes. We recently had a customer who customized the bike he purchased from #Addmotor. I will send his pictures here. He added a 1000W mid-drive motor and changed the tires.
  2. Addmotor

    Motan M850 - Best Electric Bike 2017

    The Motan M850 was ranked as the Top1 best electric bike in 2017 by Wiki ezvid. We appreciate this trust and will continue using our full strength to further improve and upgrade our bikes. For everyone who want to watch the video, here is the link: Enjoy watching
  3. Addmotor

    2017 - A 750 Watt bike - We want to hear your opinion

    Thanks to Court for having an own Addmotor Forum here. Many people already purchased an Addmotor Bike from us or through one of our retailers and we get many good feedbacks. So this year we want to take great efforts again to make Addmotor even better. 2017 just started and we already are...
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    Addmotor, good bikes for small money

    Hello, This thread is meant to introduce Addmotor to the world. In the following we are going to introduce every single model from our Addmotor product range. But first of all I want to say, that these bikes are designed for normal average cyclers and not for professionals. Never the less the...
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    Happy to be a new member

    Dear Everybody, We are Addmotor, a professional eBike seller from Guangzhou (China). We entered the eBike Market over one year ago and made big steps to improve quality and design of our Bikes. Addmotor takes big efforts to guarantee a high quality for a very reasonable price. Of cause we can't...