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    Remove security code on a Stealth B-52

    Does anybody know how to remove the security code on a stealth B-52?
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    Clicking Sound When Peddling My B-52.

    Has anybody else noticed a clicking sound while peddling the B-2? I can feel it in the peddles and don't think its coming from the chain. Any suggestions?
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    New B-52

    This bike is on the edge between mountain bike and motorcycle. I mainly ride in the low power mode and utilize the 9 speed gear box. You an go up any hill and still get a work out on the pedals. On the flats you can punish yourself as much as you want or just cruise at a top end of 20-21 mph...
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    e-bike hatred.. I've found it

    I have been riding local trails around my neighborhood on my new Stealth B-52. Low power mode and pedaling my legs off. I have a few thousand miles locally on my old Fat Chance on the same trails. If you ride to enjoy the workout and not like your in a motocross event it doesn't matter which...
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    New B-52

    I'm blown away by how great this bike is. A friend commented that it looked too clean.