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    Omni C issues

    Thanks, I think I see what to do now for shut down. I went by my dealer and all was well. Also range seems to have increased lately. Or , I'm just learning better how to use regen. to scrub off some of that kinetic energy instead of blasting along on the downhill runs. Just lightly squeezing...
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    Omni C issues

    Having recurring updates to download ( seems odd ? ) And pressing shutoff icon top right seems to not have any effect on shutting off my 2015 St2 Stromer . Am I doing something wrong. Anyone else having these issues. Thanks
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    Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires on ST2?

    Same here Flat six. Love Big Ben's.But I change my Big Ben's often. Tires in good condition is not emphasised enough IMO.
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    Crash and burn! Ouch!

    Never heard of a milled road before. Gonna Google. I see Ashphalt prep. Night riding is the toughest. Heal fast .
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    Homeless in Aspen

    Crackin me up. Keep the the stories flowing. Good read.
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    Why do people hate cyclists?

    Because of the 🚲 that came out of nowhere ( along a blind fence line on the sidewalk) in front of me at 11 pm. I was in my cage picking up a musician after his gig.I had to lock up my brakes to keep from having a collision. I was approaching a stop sign so I was luckily going slow. Be safe out...
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    How Germans are switching from Car to an E-bike

    Thanks Stephan, I want to visit Norway, just to see an EV culture in mass adoption.
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    Watt Wagons and Battery Technology

    Thanks for this video. Very informative.
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    Stromer Omni C

    Thanks Bing for the update on new Omni C use in rainy weather .
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    Stromer Omni C

    Stromer didn't mention it in the email the specs of the Omni c-kit ( you could purchase ) is where I learned that the screen was constructed differently And researched the differance between Resistive and. Capacitive screens . I researched it and learned one was plastic layers, and the other...
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    Stromer Omni C

    Researched the the difference of Resistive and Capacitive touch screen in new Omni C compared to the old Omni screen. . Stromer mentioned this in an Email for Omni C kit.
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    Stromer Omni C

    My LBS just upgraded my 2015 St2. Did some research , as I was having trouble with shutting down bike. What I learned is the old screen had a Resistive service ( plastic layers which flex from pressing ) to inituate shutdown. New Omni C uses glass instead of plastic , which is called Capactive ...
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    Cogging? Resistance at strange times.

    If I understand your issue as mine on my 2015 St2. When I feel something stopping bike from riding correctly with smooth power flow. I stop and remove the battery.Wait a couple of min. Then reinsert battery and power up and this solves my intermittent power flow.
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    Stromer ST5: Is it reliable?

    My St2 is the best bike I will probably ever own. Pure magic for 5 yrs. Sorry your 5 is a flop.Hope The Mother ship gets you another ASAP .
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    Stromer ST1X Omni 2G Gone 2020

    Thanks Blue Cat. I'll get on it. Glad my 2015 St2 is still getting Omni support. Happy Holidays 🐼
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    Stromer ST2020 concept bike - Gates belt drive and 5 speed integrated gearbox

    Great read . Thanks Blue cat for the link. Looking forward to riding a new Stromer belt bike.
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    Fluoride Battery Chemistry

    You tube has an interesting interview with Byorn Nyland and German chemist. Sorry not able to provide link. About 15.00 on interview Lab Technician shows how batteries are tested in the lab for new discoveries in battery design.
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    How Active were you in September?

    Don't know the stats, just happy I was out riding during the hottest Sept. ever in Central Texas.😥 Battery was very warm after removing from St2. Then waited for long cool down before recharging. Sure ready for some cool riding this Winter.,
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    Whos changed their disc brake pads? It's so hard!

    Speaking of bleed screws. I just completed removing air on my rear brakes on my emtb since new. Hardest part of job was breaking loose bleed screw on rear caliper. Maybe KTM used loctite, but I had to use Knocker Loose penetrating spray, and a heat gun (carefully) to slowly get that brake...
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    Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

    I just purchased an E-go self propeld 54 v. Piece of Engineering Genius. IMO. My yard is small , it is perfect for me .It had high ratings on Google search , and I see why. So glad the mobile repair man didn't call me back to fix the pull cord on my Toro fossil burner.