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  1. jrb5j

    Issue with my Pioneer Allroad

    I was riding this weekend and noticed a quiet grinding sound with each turn of the crank. I thought it was the chain rubbing the front derailleur but that wasn't it. I put it on my stand and I can reproduce the sound but I see nothing rubbing. Then I noticed that I can get slight side-to-side...
  2. jrb5j

    Great Optibike customer service

    Just thought I'd take a moment and share: I'm looking to upgrade my Pioneer Allroad ( ) and remembered that my rear brake lever cutoff was does not work. I noticed it when I...
  3. jrb5j

    Upgrade my Pioneer Allroad for harder trail use, or sell for Haibike?

    My Pioneer Allroad is about a year old and has roughly 300 miles. It's tons of fun and I've had zero problems. The issue is that I've been riding it on offroad trails more than I expected and It has very entry level components (Suntour XCT fork, Shimano Altus drivetrain, rims, etc). I am...