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    Dropper seatpost on Sduro Trekking

    I have installed a cable operated Dropper post on my 2016 Sduro Trekking SL. Routing the cable was done by running the cable down inside the down tube from the existing downtube cable entry point then underneath the Yamaha motor and up inside the seat tube which I feel is a very clean and...
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    Help needed to pick dropper seatpost

    I would like to use a dropper seatpost on my Haibike Sduro Trekking. Diameter is 31.6 mm. My need is a bit different from why most people want them. I need the lower saddle height to help me get on and off the bike as I have an ankle problem, not to indulge in brave descents LOL I have...
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    Chainring question

    I am looking at possibly using a slightly larger chainring on my Sduro Trekking so I dont use the smallest sprocket (11t) on the rear cluster very much, possibly changing to a double chainring, so as not to lose the granny gears I need to get to my home. The cranks and chainring are marked FSA...
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    Rattle from brakes

    My new Sduro Trekking SL is running nicely and the weather is finally being more reasonable. From my house I ride down a road which is a "very" steep hill. Its about 300 yards and steep enough to require serious 4x4 in winter and very difficult to walk up. Riding down it on the...
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    tires for loose gravel

    Weather is warming up so I am riding my new bike more. I am an older rider. I have a Sduro trekking SL and it has 700C tires, Schwalbe Plus Tour, which are only knobbly on the outer edges. I find that I am fine on the ashalt surfaces but when riding on loose gravel, I feel shaky...
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    Haibike bottle cage

    Here is a simple modification I made as Haibike does not provide a place to mount a bottle cage.
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    Handlebar lengths

    I have just measured the length of the handlebars on my new Haibike Trekking and seen they are 29" long (736 mm). Measuring the 25 year old Barracuda mountain bike I have been using since new I see the bars are 20" long. My wife's Raleigh has bars that are 24". I can understand...
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    I-rack for Sduro Trekking

    I have a new Sduro Trekking. I really like the build quality. I am about 2 hours drive from a dealer and I would like to buy I-rack parts to fit the Carrymore carrier. I have seen them on Ebay Germany but is there someway I can get them in USA ? An online stockist perhaps ...
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    need help choosing right size

    I am looking at getting a Haibike sduro cross. Nearest dealer is about 2 1/2 hours drive away so I am thinking about buying online, perhaps Amazon. I am 70, 6ft, inside leg 32" a little handicapped from accident (tbi) and have trouble swinging my leg over high saddle. My MTB is...