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    Any info on 2023 Models , 4.0/5.0 Vado's &SL 's ?

    Any info on release date , new colors , new features , ect . for MY2023 ?
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    New Tern coming March 9th !

    New Tern coming March 9th ! "If you're thinking about getting rid of the car or changing the way you get around, we've got something new coming on March 9th. Stay tuned!"
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    New : Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH Belt Drive

    I just noticed an IGH Belt Drive version of the Turbo Vado 5.0 on Specialized website . I think it's using the same drive and hub as Serial 1 CTY/Speed .
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    2 New Yamaha Models Coming ...

    "We're about to unveil two new E-Bikes that will propel the industry forward, offering unprecedented levels of power, poise, and responsiveness."
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    Serial 1 CTY Speed vs. Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 ?

    Anyone test ride both ? Which do you prefer ?
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    Long Range E-Bikes ?

    Electric Bike Report lists : Trek Allant 8s The Rad Power Bikes RadMini 4 folding fat-tire e-bike The Ride1UP 500 Series commuter The Himiway Cruiser fat-tire e-bike The Fiido D11 folding e-bike What others to consider ?
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    Did Giant release MY2022 yet ?

    Did Giant release MY2022 yet ?
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    OTA Software Update 20210309000 !

    Downloaded this update the other day on my 2020 EXPLORE E+ 4 GTS w/ Sync Drive Sport and RideControl One display . Now drive is more smooth ! Did they up the torque ?
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    Wabash Introduces a New Coral for 2021

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    Any Hammock campers here ?

    Any Hammock campers here ?
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    Save $150.00 at Serial 1 Cycle Company

    Received this email today from PayPal : To get this discount, pay with PayPal by Thursday, March 11 2021 at 1PM HST. How it works Make a PayPal purchase at Serial 1 Cycle Company by Thursday, March 11 2021 at 1PM HST. Learn more about this offer. When you Pay with PayPal, we'll...
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    Ideal Tires Size , 20 , 22 , 24 , 26 , 27.5 ?

    Ideal Tires Size for Mid/Long tail e-Cargo ? (for carrying stuff only , not people) I would think 26 or 27.5 since that would ride more like a "normal" bike . But I'm reading that the smaller are better for carrying cargo .
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    Anything New Coming for Yamaha USA , Spring 2021?

    ... besides new colors . :)
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    Introducing Jones Motorbikes!

    Jones Bikes has just released their 1st e-bike :
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    Looking for a Stvzo Light , Rechargeable .

    Looking for a Stvzo Light , Rechargeable . Recommendations ?
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    2021 Mid-Year New Models ?

    Do the Big Three release new models in Spring ?
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    Ride Control has been Updated to App version : v1.2.1

    Just updated it , haven't ridden .
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    eBikes shipped as flat panel TV's , Damage rates fell 80% :)

    Saw this on reddit : A bicycle company struggling with damaged shipments used our tendency to scan content and make assumptions by putting a TV image on its box. Damage rates fell 80%.
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    Fuell Launched a New Website Anyone test ride ? Listed at 81lbs ! 100Nm torque ! 125 miles range ! 28 mph $3995
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    Books has a new Saddle , the Cambium C67

    "The Cambium C67 is designed for the commuter, urban cyclist and casual tourer, perfect for E-bike, cargo bikes and Dutch-style bikes, or for anyone cycling in the upright riding position in all weathers."