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    Ultimate Commuter Pro E-Bike

    Hey Court I was wondering if you are going to do an in depth review of the Ultimate Commuter E-Bike anytime soon? Its seems that its a bit pricey of an e-bike but the components that they use are high end on this e-bike. Since 2012 I have purchased 7 e-bikes none higher then $2,300 dollars...
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    Stromer lack of support and a dead st1

    I purchased a Stromer St1 Platinum demo bike from Crazylenny's E-bikes on 1-21-2018 in Wisconsin online. It was supposed to have been all checked out before they sent it to me. It has less then 400 miles on it now. I have had major issues with this bike since I got it. The very first thing was...
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    izip pro tour battery problem

    Today I took my 2016 izip pro tour out for a spin..had so much fun until it suddenly just quit on me on assist level 4 with 3 bars showing still showing on battery left. Any ideas why it would just quit on me with 3 bars showing? Thanks for any help or information you can share with me.
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    Stromer's St1 Platinum lack of after sale support and warranty

    I also am having a very bad Stromer experience. I purchased a demo Stromer St1 Platinum with very low miles under warranty back in Jan. 21 2018. Since day one the battery would not charge up to 100%, so I took it to the one and only local dealer in my area. They told me a wire was bad and did...
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    Stromer st1 Platinum battery issues or display issues?

    I purchased this demo bike in Jan 2008. At first, when I had this bike I could not charge it up to 100%. I then called the dealer and they said it was the charger and they gave me a new one which seem to work at first. A few days ago I took out my Stormer for a ride with 74% still left on the...
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    Refill a Stromer Battery

    Does anyone know of a company that can refill Stromer Batteries instead of buying a brand new one? Thanks for any info you can provide me.
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    Throttle twist and how to use it

    I have the Stromer St-1 Sport Standard model. This model comes with a Throttle twist on the handle bars.....I have yet to figure out how it works....if anyone owns the same model as I do....could you please tell me the steps on how to make that throttle twist work? Love my Stromer except for...
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    POS mode

    I just bought a used Stromer Sport Standard bike. I figured out how to get into and use the PAS mode...but still can't figure out how to get into the POS mode. Can someone tell me step by step how I can do this? Thanks a million.
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    Stromer Sport Standard Codes

    Does anyone know where I can download all the Codes for my Stromer Sport Standard Bike?