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  1. rmasa

    '16 Dash Assist Issues

    I have the same exact bike, and just today the same exact thing happened to me. I am not stuck on assist level 1 and had to pedal all the way back uphill home on assist level 1. Still better than nothing, but I would like to have my other assist levels available. Post if you resolve your...
  2. rmasa

    CC motor noise?

    The higher pitch sounds normal for the motor. But there are 2 noises that can be adjusted/fixed. 1) Adjust the rear derailleur maybe you got some cable stretch or something 2) Adjust the rear disk, seems like it is coming into contact with the pads note: I am a bit old, and the hearing is not...
  3. rmasa

    new headlight

    Go with a more heavy duty relay. Something rated for your draw. Wire the relay to your controller and an external battery.
  4. rmasa

    Wish your Turbo S had front suspension?

    I live and ride in Honolulu, and the rule still applies here. If you anxiously order and install something, it will rain.
  5. rmasa

    Solution for bike-to-bike communication?

    I believe sena has an integrated open face helmet system. Search sena cavalry
  6. rmasa

    Removing the speed limit of 20 miles/hr

    If you can find a larger 104 chainring, then the spacing is not a problem. At any bikeshop, or online you should be able to find chainring spacers. At any given time, I usually have 1,2,3, and 5 mm chainring spacers in my toolbox. You can stack them however you need to to get the desired...
  7. rmasa

    Removing the speed limit of 20 miles/hr

    What BCD is your chainring?
  8. rmasa

    ebike Speed Unlock - free

    Moved the sensor the first week I got my current bike. I didn't really need to know how fast I was going, but wanted to keep an eye on my cadence, so I moved the sensor over and dropped a magnet onto the pedal bolt. Just take any 1/2" or less magnet, and stick it to the pedal bolt, then align...
  9. rmasa

    Some unusual accessories

    I love the seat. I would rock that any day
  10. rmasa

    Stromer Closeout ST1-T or Smartmotion Pacer?

    At $200 difference I don't see a question.
  11. rmasa

    Overly lightweight fork - bad design choice

    Have you considered a lefty fork?
  12. rmasa

    Anyone owns 2016 E3 Peak DS?

    I remember that the tekoa when I was researching what bike to purchase. I really liked it, only reason I passed on it was I think it did not have mounting eyelets for a rear rack (not sure, memory not so good in my old age and it was a while ago), oh and it was more expensive than the peak.
  13. rmasa

    Anyone owns 2016 E3 Peak DS?

    Oh I forgot to mention, the iZip is awesome, I am not sure I could find anything comparable in the price range. If I had to do it again I would very much consider the same bike. The only thing I would like is for it to be a 29er.
  14. rmasa

    Anyone owns 2016 E3 Peak DS?

    My mistake that is the peak not the ds
  15. rmasa

    Anyone owns 2016 E3 Peak DS?

    Round trip commute is ~35K (I vary the route to keep it interesting). I use PAS 1 and 2. My cadence is 85 Average speed mid 30's kph The battery is a bit small compared to others (I think that is why the price point is better) So it almost makes it the full round trip. I don't like draining the...
  16. rmasa

    Anyone owns 2016 E3 Peak DS?

    I use it 4 days a week to commute to and from work. It's a heck of a work horse. izip usa msrp has dropped to 1999.00 You may be able to find it a bit cheaper, even though I think 24 is a good price
  17. rmasa

    mid drive w/ throttle ?

    I never gave it much thought as my middrive has a throttle (iZip). It is suppose to cut off at 20mph, I would guess that any production bike would be the same. If you cannot source one, check out Luna, or any of those companies that build bafang mid drive bikes.
  18. rmasa

    First Flat on my Fat Tire :( What is best?

    Back to the original question, I would definitely suggest you do it yourself, or at least attempt it. It is inevitable that you will get another flat. Sometimes that flat will come in the middle of nowhere in the dark. With a little practice (maybe some help from youtube) you could eventually...
  19. rmasa

    Larger Chainring

    I would love to try a 50 or 52T chainring, where did you find it? I have not seen any bigger chainrings available for 104 BCD. Is it difficult to get going after a complete stop?