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    Accessories for Radrover

    I ordered my fenders from amazon and I've been pretty happy with them. I'm running a Mucky Nuts fat face front fender that stays on the bike and a Portland design works rear fat bike fender that I can remove when it's dry out. Think it was $20 for the front and $25 for the rear. Just be sure...
  2. J

    Snow and Rain

    I rode all of last winter every Rode it all of last winter in Chicagoland and had no issues. I am able to park my rover in a heated garage though, so everything would melt off overnight leaving me with a clean bike in the morning. Definitely need some fenders as there is quite a bit of spray...
  3. J

    Battery recharge cost

    Has anyone figured out what it costs to recharge the battery on the radrover? I am too lazy to figure it out and I'm guessing someone on here may have already done so. Thanks guys.
  4. J

    question about the motors on the radrover

    The rad rover comes equipped with a rear hub bafang motor, not the mid drive set up. Hub motor is rated 500w continuous, with 750w max output.
  5. J

    Maxxis Hookworms

    Tires look good. Interesting to see any speed/handling gains. Please post differences. Thanks.
  6. J

    Suspension Collapse

    OK thanks. Fork on my RR Thanks, will do.
  7. J

    Suspension Collapse

    Definitely looks like an upgrade. Anyone know where you can purchase one?
  8. J

    Does anybody use their throttle?

    I've found the throttle helpful mostly only when trail riding. Usually use pedal assist 1 when riding off road and use the throttle for a little extra umph when needed.
  9. J

    Battery charging

    I've had the same issue... no operating issues though.
  10. J

    RadRover Odometer Thread

    202 miles after one month of commuting and a little recreational off roading. No issues yet.
  11. J

    hub motor manufacturer

    Mine says bafang on the motor between the spokes
  12. J

    Studded tires for the Rad Rover

    I've heard good things about the studded dillingers but have yet to try them personally.
  13. J

    Stuff needed for Winter commuting with Fat bike

    Sorry to go off topic but what kind of rear fender are you running? Does it work well for fat bikes? Need to find one for my ride so please let me know. Thx.
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    hub motor manufacturer

    Just received my radrover yesterday. Surprised to find a bafang hub motor came with it. Just curious whats on other rovers that were delivered earlier. Let me know what you got, thx.
  15. J

    Would like to go faster!

    Thought there was a magnet on one of the wheels ( I think front) and one on the fork/chainstay used to measure speed. Sadly I'm just going off of pictures though since I am still waiting for delivery of my steed....
  16. J

    Would like to go faster!

    Waiting for delivery (hopefully as soon as next week) of my rad rover. I'll definitely try the low tech approach, cant wait to see what the motor + my legs will reach mph wise. Thanks. Don't have bike yet but I'll try this when it shows up. Thanks. Based on motor and batt specs I was hoping to...
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    Would like to go faster!

    +1. me too