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    Aurora Limited = = real-world Battery Range

    I'm interested in hearing what other Aurora Limited owners are seeing for maximum Battery Range. Background: I had an original production Aurora Limited Edition [ALE]. While I never ran that battery to the forced shutdown I did do several trips in the 34'ish mile range and was always feeling...
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    Dapu Display Readouts 2022 Production = = What is Going On ?

    I have used two 2022 model eBikes that have Dapu Motors and their current standard Display, both bikes built in late 2021. {currently traveling and do not have display number or Dapu software version data} Both bikes have similar issues/problems and I'm interested if others are also having...
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    Aurora Limited Edition == Wiring Diagram

    While replacing the Motor Controller (Evelo service trouble shooting an intermittent problem) I've attempted to document how this eBike model is wired. PDF file v02 attached. {update 8/3/2020} Use at Your Own Risk.