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    Really good helmet light?

    Hi, I'm riding more at night because the ebikes are so fun and it's getting dark earlier. I'm curious what the standout helmet lights are that have good output, quality beam, solid battery, good mount / adjustability and reasonable weight. I like quality lights...maybe a few hundred bucks...
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    Very pleased with new Como 4.0 650b

    Hi everyone, Specialized has nailed it with the Como. I picked it up yesterday and here's my initial impressions. Position / Ergonomics: it's a very comfortable bike and easy to ride. All the controls work well and are intuitively placed. No knee pains. Motor: love the feel, power, and...
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    Questions on current Como 4

    Hi everyone, I'm 52 and cycling has been one of my life long interest. I live on the east side of Oahu and have some hills to deal with. I've come to the conclusion that I'm ready for a purpose built electric bike to increase my riding enjoyment. I have a little experience with electric...