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    Stuck thumb throttle almost got me killed

    Have had two Rize bikes, first one is great, therefore decided to buy a commuter mid drive from same company. Unfortunately, l think l have a lemon. First….to date, customer service has been great. They’ve replaced a freewheel after 7th gear broke some teeth. Company admits they had issues...
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    Just got a city mid drive,. Have gone from a Rize step leisure. Shifting seems awkward

    Just put together and rode city md ebike by Rize. Had Rize step leisure rear hub prior. Shifting seems awkward with the 3 millisecond pause. Is this a normal response to a Bafang 500 watt mid drive?
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    Camper, extender hitch, heavy mtn!

    Want to buy a camper, have rola convoy rack, great but heavy, have heavy ebike. Question....if I put an extender on my normal tow hitch, then the rack, heavy mountain bike, and a lighter non ebike.....will this be too much for the hitch to handle? Also, doing this if it is feasible, prevents...
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    Pro bike cover, also covered up truck tail lights

    Bought xxl Pro bike cover for 26 in step thru mountain fat tire ebike. Put on , ready to go, guess what? Can’t see tail lights. Had to jury rig in order to travel 1800 miles home. Bummer. Surely manufacturer would have anticipated this. Have full sized Nissan Titan. Should have tested...
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    Have a step thru commuter ebike by NCM. Called the Munich. Company that sells on line has been fantastic. Love the bike. But have had broken spokes

    Rear wheel spokes on hub drive wheel have popped through flange on hub motor twice. Spokes are 13 gauge. Bike maximum weight is 275 pounds. I'm 220. Approximately 10 pound battery mounted under rear wheel rack. When spokes not breaking love the bike. Company has been great have now sent 2...
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    Satori Animaris 4 bar linkage suspension seat do you preset the spring?

    Just bought for my commuter ebike. Has an adjustment mechanism. Package had no instructions....Amazon...., Google, U tube has nothing I can see about adjustment. Am using default setting. Will be riding only on pavement type surfaces. 6.3 inches, 225 lbs.. any suggestion, or just leave...
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    Fat tire bike rack wanted

    Would prefer used Saris, Thule, Kurt, or Hollywood for 4 inch fat tire mountain bike that is a Step Thru. Would sit behind Titan Pickup. Appreciate any help getting one. Live Phoenix Az area. Cheers, Rick😎
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    Heavy fat tire ebike hitch rack for step thru bike

    Bought bike without thinking how to transport. 4 inch wheels. 26 tires 18 inch frame. Approx 60 lbs without battery. 2 inch truck receiver hitch.. help.
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    Step thru fat tired ebike needs hitch rack, just realized problem this creates

    Had a 604 Surface Colt....sold it....great bike. Wanted a fat tire mtn bike....needed step thru as 73, bad hip etc. Bought approx 70 lb with battery bike. Like it a lot. The problem.....hard to find hitch rack that accommodates step thru manufactured by Thule, Swagman etc. that won’t bankrupt...
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    How do you safely attach a step thru fat Tire ebike of around 65 lbs to a truck mounted double bike hanging rack.

    Sleepless night last night, have not purchased yet, but like the bike. All of a sudden realized the need for me to transport this safely on my two bike sport rack which is mounted on 2inch .truck receiver receiver mount. Bike is fat Tire and step thru, weight around 65 pounds. Looked at...
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    Voltbike Yukon limited

    Worth buying?
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    604 surface Colt e-bike loss of battery climbing hill

    Bike has been super..till today. Had 30 percent battery showing on speedo. Started to climb moderate hill on way home which I've done a few times new March this year. Suddenly speedo began flashing what I assume battery empty sign. Shut unit down, rebooted, worked for a bit on...
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    Surface colt

    Just got one. Impressed, only concern handle bar stem seems to loosen periodically. Don’t have a small socket torque wrench, but careful not to over tighten. Anyone else have the problem? Rick, 72, bought bike because the ride up a steep hill started to turn me off going for rides. Cheers?