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    Anyone using continental gp5000 tr tubeless on a creo?

    Thanks for the post. Ordered this and found it makes short work of Conti Gatorskins and Spec Armadillo tire that were somewhat difficult to mount on the rims I have. Works much easier than the plier type levers I've used before. I've also tried the Tire Glyder. It's nice and compact but...
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    Using 1Up Super Duty with Turbo Como (or Vado) with Wheel Stop accessory, or other options

    Exactly. The single at 28 lbs and folding design in a platform rack make it small enough to fit in my cars sub trunk. At the same time it is easy to attach to the car and very easy to load a bike onto it. And the 75lb load rating makes it more than adequate for any ebike I'm likely to have...
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    Using 1Up Super Duty with Turbo Como (or Vado) with Wheel Stop accessory, or other options

    Now that I've gotten my Wheel Stop I can see why the 46" limitation even tho the tray is 9" longer. In the Wheel Stop storage position they designed it so the spool will fit nicely between the folded down rack arms. This forces the front wheel to be located further away from the tray edge than...
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    Using 1Up Super Duty with Turbo Como (or Vado) with Wheel Stop accessory, or other options

    Mine should be here tomorrow. Thanks for the pics. Pretty sure the 48" wheelbase Tero will not be an issue since there will be plenty of space between the front axle and edge of the tray. I'm guessing with 29er tires it may require just a folded towel to push the front wheel a bit closer to...
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    Turbo Vado 710Wh Battery ?

    Vado and Tero 710 Wh battery is sku 98921-5634. Refer to Tero replacement part SKU is the same. Google 98921-5634 doesn't turn up any sources to buy these tho. Apparently Levo/Kenevo use a different battery...
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    Using 1Up Super Duty with Turbo Como (or Vado) with Wheel Stop accessory, or other options

    Agreed the wheel stop is fixed. What I meant is that the 1up tray is about 55" long and the bike does not need to be exactly centered. Thus with a wheelbase of 46" there is flexibility on where the bike is placed. The Wheel Stop then determines where the front wheel needs to be in order to be...
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    Using 1Up Super Duty with Turbo Como (or Vado) with Wheel Stop accessory, or other options

    I hadn't been aware of the wheel stop accessory. Thanks for the post and I'll be ordering one for my 1Up. It looks like the rear fender still needs to be clamped by the 1Up. This is not so much a problem on the Vado SL EQ as it clamps very near to the integratred rack/fender strut and the...
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    SL battery health

    About a year later tho with fewer miles added. Mission Control still reports 100% battery health while Blevo reports additional loss of about 9 Wh from main battery and 3 Wh from range extender. Both are now out of 2 year warranty period but the battery degradation has not been bad at all.
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    700 x 42mm on a Vado SL ?

    I have a set of 700x42 S-works Pathfinders. Front fit ok tho I have removed the front fender on my SL for the summer. There is a very small clearance between the rear fender bolt head. Depending on tire pressure - the tire will rub. I swapped a regular 700x38 Pathfinder on the rear and kept...
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    2022 Turbo Vado and Turbo Tero comparison: Same bike?

    Definitely due to the longer fork and bigger wheels/tires. Tero has 29er 2.3 Ground Controls standard while the Vado has 650B Pathfinders.
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    Turbo Tero 5.0 motor variations

    US Tero is still considered Class 1 (20 mph) limit. The similar Vado is Class 3 (28 mph). You raise an interesting question on what the difference is between the two. I believe if it is software only - it is encrypted and can not be easily defeated. Hardware wise - Peartune offers a plugin...
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    2023 Trek Fx+ and Dual Sport+

    Not sure of the availability now - but Trek says a range extender with 250 Wh is an option. Presumably it is somewhat easily removable and could be charged indoors while at work. Also presumably if the range extender is fully charged while the internal is lower the bike will draw from range...
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    Hub that fits Creo SL?

    Not sure how different the spacings will be between the Creo and a Vado SL. But eyeballing the gap between the center lock SL magnet and the sensor housing appears to be < 5mm. Quick comparison between the 6 bolt Tero magnet and the SL magnet, I'd agree the 6 bolt magnet appears to be a bit...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    On the subject of noise, Trek has a youtube comparing their newer light ebike acoustics vs unnamed full power and "popular" SL type bike. The latter sounds very much like my SL. And the difference between the full power bike and the popular bike seem similar to the difference between my Tero...
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    2023 Trek Fx+ and Dual Sport+

    Almost sounds like the motor assiste is similar to riding my Specialized 4.0 SL in Turbo mode. Starts/accelerations give a less than smooth sensation compared to the lower assist levels.
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    2023 Trek Fx+ and Dual Sport+

    Check Trek's website. Not available on line but it seems a couple shops somewhat near me have decent availability of colors and sizes. I'd be interested in either a Medium or Large and both shops have several choices. If the numbering is following the regular FX line, FX2 is relatively low...
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    Trek's version of the SL?

    Trek has also released their Duosport and FX2 ebike versions. Seems to be about 1/2 price of a Vado 5.0 and 1/2 the range - tho a range extender is also available. Slightly more torque @ 40 Nm. Trek's claimed weight at < 40 lbs so still heavier than the SL. According to various videos also...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    That is correct - but seems like some people have been able to retape and fit tubeless ready tires: I did try dry mounting my sworks pathfinders onto the 4.0 rims. While it seated ok it was not holding higher...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    In the US, the battery is warranted for 2 years (to >80% of new capacity). I have recently passed 2 years with less than 200 charge cycles on both the main and range extender batteries. The main is at 300 Wh capacity and the range extender is at 152 Wh. So both are at about 95% health as...
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    Vado 4.0 SL EQ - is mine a lemon?

    20 miles @ 17 mph is a little over an hr. Usable battery is approx 300 Wh. _If_ you were pedaling hard enough (avg about 133 W rider power) to max turbo power @ 300 W electrical motor draw - it's not surprising that the battery gave out.