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    Bosch battery suggestions

    Rad Power bikes sells to fleets. They even have a deal with Dominoes pizza (in US) that has the bikes outfitted with a container to keep the pizzas warm...
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    Xduro Trekking RX....when is last model year?

    Thanks Ravi! And thanks very much for the info on the gen 2 Bosch. The dealer did firmware updates. Do you know if that brings it up to "modern" specs?
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    Xduro Trekking RX....when is last model year?

    I just bought a "brand new" Trekking RX from a bike store.....a great deal for the crazy good components (less than $2900 US). They must've had it in a store room for QUITE a while because as far as I can tell its a 2014. When did Haibike switch to the numbered models? I am not complaining its...
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    Is this a problem with my Haibike or is it me?

    I am new to ebiking too and I think you hit it on the head. I have to go up a 250 foot hill to my house from the main street. I am already shifted down and in Turbo....I must be going so slow that the system cuts off....and it is pretty scary to feel the full weight and instantly need insane...