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  1. Franklo

    How do you raise the handlebars on an Easy Motion 27.5?

    Not exactly sure how to do this. Though I admit I haven't really looked at it very closely. I'm debating if I need a slight adjustment or not. I see the screws for tilting and all of that. The bike shop will do it for free but it's 20 miles away. Appreciate any info.
  2. Franklo

    User manual says....

    when motor display is set to 75 % , boost is at it's most powerful. So what does that mean when it's set to 100 %. on my EVO 27.5 and EVO Street bikes, I do feel more of a surge of power at the 75% setting than the 100 % setting.
  3. Franklo

    How wet can you get an E- Bike?

    I read a few posts about people frying their motors or controllers by getting them very wet. I didn't see any in depth descriptions about how wet. Would a puddle do it or very heavy rain. I know you can't pull a Keith Moon and drive into a pool or lake or something. But I'm just wondering how...
  4. Franklo

    Battery cover

    do all easy motion bikes come with the cold weather battery cover or is it an extra option ? picking up Evo 27.5 and Evo street this weekend. just want to be sure all the expected accessories are there.
  5. Franklo

    Battery charging

    does it hurt the battery if you let it go down to completely dead .
  6. Franklo

    Do you need a license in nj

    do you need a license for an ebike in NJ.?
  7. Franklo

    is it possible to adapt a step through model to a car bike rack

    new here. don't have an e-bike yet but will rectify that soon. is there any type of clamp on tube that can be fitted on to a step thru type e-bike so it can be used with a standard car rack. the down sloping tubes would put the bike at a very severe angle. probably would need a tube that can be...