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  1. emco5

    Tern's new compact cargo eBike

    Cargo bikes tend to be big and heavy, and when used to haul groceries and other cargo they can sometimes be challenging. Tern has come out with a brilliant solution.
  2. emco5

    the Shimano STEPS disassembled

    For you curious gearheads, here is a video showing the disassembly of the Shimano STEPS drive unit. The language sounds like Dutch, but if you don’t understand it the mechanical information is still there with his commentary muted. There is a brief pause at 16:20, then it resumes at 16:40...
  3. emco5

    Shimano STEPS E6000 firmware question

    I've had the opportunity to compare two eBikes of the same brand and model. Both have Steps E6000 power with the 10-speed derailleur rear end. Both have had the original 44-tooth chainring replaced with the optional 38-tooth gear. One bike has had the programming updated for the smaller...
  4. emco5

    STEPS manuals

    FYI: If you are contemplating getting a bike with the STEPS E6000 system, or already have one, here are quick links to.... The dealer's manual. The owner's manual. Other E6000 and E8000...
  5. emco5

    eBike sales a "bright spot" this year

    Interesting comment from Bicycle Retailer.....
  6. emco5

    EBR forum PM's

    Because this is the Off-Topic forum, I'm going to inquire about PM’s. Is it possible here at EBR to send a PM to another member that is truly a private message? Maybe I’ve missed something in the process, but off-list ‘conversations’ appear visible to everyone.
  7. emco5

    Leed's little PBJ

    I tend to tinker with bicycles a lot during the dark months. Last autumn, I was tossing around some ideas for a simple power system using an RC LiPo battery pack with a friction drive. I wanted to power a bike but keep it as lightweight as possible. Inspiration came from ‘Kepler’ in Australia...
  8. emco5

    38-t chainring and smaller tires

    FYI.... If you choose the Steps optional smaller 38-tooth chainring, and change tire sizes, the Steps software needs to be updated to maintain speedo/odo accuracy and to modify torque sensing. I'm not sure what happens when the chainring data is altered, so if anyone has done this please post a...
  9. emco5

    A very good eBike company

    Regarding the thread posted below titled “worst ebike company ever”, isn’t is interesting that one bad apple tries to spoil the entire barrel. In my opinion, a gripe without the full story is just a rant with no credibility. Last July, I had the opportunity to visit Clean Republic. It’s...
  10. emco5

    350w hub versus 250w mid-drive, who wins?

    I’ve received theory and recommendations on this subject, but I’d appreciate feedback from someone who has 'actually experienced' both power systems. Your hands-on opinion is good enough, no need to argue variables and the grey areas. :) Speed doesn't matter, either. Bike-A has a Bafang 36v...
  11. emco5

    Less could be more, friction-drive

    The logical side of my brain leans toward strong mid-drives that utilize a bike’s gear train, but the K.I.S.S. engineering principle keeps me pondering less complex ideas. Back in 2010, 'adrian_sm' posted about his Commuter Booster friction-drive idea at Endless-Sphere. From my perspective, it...
  12. emco5

    Is the 350 enough?

    Finding a 350 watt e-RAD/BaFang-equipped bike to test ride has not happened, so I’m hoping to get some first-hand feedback here. Most of my commute needs no power assist, but there are a couple very steep climbs that make the trip miserable. I’m 170# and ride a MTB with 26” wheels and 32t...