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    Tire Replacement on M2S ALL Terrain 500

    I would like to replace my tires will Schwalbe Super Moto-X Tire 27.5+ x 2.8 SnakeSkin Sidewalls with RaceGuard work for my bike
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    Seat post diameter

    I am looking at purchasing a suspension seat post. The diameter of my post is 30.4 I am looking at the Cane Creek Thudbuster but they only have 27.2 or 30.9. Would the 30.9 fit or get the 27.2 with a shim work better
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    M2S battery replacement for ALL Terrain Sport R 500

    Any ideas on where I can get one
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    E bike hitch rack load capacity existing Thule Chamber 4

    I have a Thule Camber 4 bike hitch rack with maximum load capacity of 150 lbs. Would it be capable of transporting 2 e bikes weighing 60 lbs each ?