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    Menu options for Momas Carbon

    @Ann M. , thanks for the links. I plan on testing the scooter out in a couple days when I have time. So far it looks good! The button layout is different from the one shown on the original Momas. There's no +/- and only 1 physical button + thumb throttles (as far as I can tell) on the Carbon...
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    Menu options for Momas Carbon

    Hi, I need help and insight on how to navigate through the menu (secret menu?) of the Momas Carbon. I would like to change the speed display from kph (stock) to mph. Court's pre-prodcution review on the Momas Carbon has a diffferent lcd and button layout than the production version. A...
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    Uscooter Booster/Eco vs ZoomAir 2 (Both E-twow?)

    Hi all! Long time lurker but didnt know there was a forum. With the announcement of the Uscooter Eco on Indiegogo, they are selling it at a very low (relatively) price. As I understand, Uscooter is a renaming of E-twow and E-twow makes the ZoomAir 2. Uscooter Booster, Eco, and ZoomAir 2 all...