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    HELP - Specialized Vado/Como Battery motherboard replacement.

    I have a low use Vado 5.0 , less than 1000 miles. Yesterday I went to charge it and a staple (the kind you use on paper) had become attached to the magnetic socket of the Rosenberger connector, and when I plugged it in there was a spark; then Battery would not take a charge. Battery turns on (3...
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    WTB Extra Battery Raleigh Redux IE, Tamland IE

    Want to buy extra battery for 2018-2019 Tamland IE, also fits 2017-2019 Redux IE. Does NOT fit 2020 Redux IE. I want an extra battery for longer rides. I emailed Raleigh customer support and they no longer carry this battery, and they cannot source one for me. If you have one I will buy it...
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    Raleigh Tamland IE - best sleeper value fast ebike!

    Ive owned 4 bikes in 3 year - Specialized Turbo Vado, Specialized Turbo Levo, Orbea Gain, and Raleigh Tamland ie. I have also ridden the Giant Road E, Haibike, and Bafang fat tire bikes. Ive had the Tamland for 5 months and 1200 miles. By far my favorite is the Tamland. I keep the Vado for...