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    SL battery health

    Just used Blevo to check internal and range extender battery health. Not too bad. Internal battery lost 11 Wh from rated 320 Wh starting capacity. Range extender lost 6 Wh from 160 Wh rated at start. I don't know if batteries as received were at rated or not. For comparison, my Levo SL...
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    Blevo remote control

    Anyone tried this remote control for the Blevo app? If so, are you happy with it? It looks like it will make using the Blevo app easier to use to...
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    Vado SL firmware update - power boosted?

    I recently had the firmware update done on my 4.0 SL. I also recently installed Blevo on my phone so have periodically been recording motor power among other things. Prior to the update - both Mission Control and Blevo reported max motor power of around 300 W when in turbo 100/100 mode. It...
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    Will 700x28c tires fit on Vado SL?

    5.0 rims are 22 mm internal width, 23 mm depth. 4.0 rims are 21mm width, 22mm depth. How to determine tire/rim compatability. Going the other way, what would be the widest tires? I guess frame and fender (if eq) would be considerations as well. Any good 700c tires for off road use?
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    Vado 4.0 sl garmin mount?

    I recently purchased a Vado 4.0 SL. While it does not include the Turbo Connect Display, a 2 piece mount was included in the package I received from the LBS. It is not a clamp on to the handlebar map and included a flattish plastic piece that the display or garmin can be mounted onto as well...