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  1. Bill_12831

    Ride1up 700 Assembly

    Hello All, I just bought a Ride1up 700 step through series for my wife. I am not that skilled at working on bikes and would prefer to have a shop build it for me, however, they are busy this time of year and I don't want to wait a month. I'm just noticing putting on the brake caliper was pretty...
  2. Bill_12831

    Trek Pedal recall - if you have the plastic pedals read this
  3. Bill_12831

    Trek Pedal Recall

    https://e.tre I believe these came on my Trek Allant
  4. Bill_12831

    Are GT E-bikes not sold in the US?

    I came across this site I was just researching ebikes and I thought of GT since I just bought my young son a GT mountain bike at Dick's Sporting Goods. I looked at the forums here and there is no GT category under brands and I couldn't...
  5. Bill_12831

    For the older cyclists... A little humor

    I found this on facebook and had a good laugh.
  6. Bill_12831

    Trek Allant +7s owner having the itch to buy a 2nd ebike

    I don't really need another ebike so maybe I should be talked off the ledge.. I like my Trek Allant +7s albeit it was very expensive. Since I bought my bike last year I have been perusing the forums and the Ride1up Lmt'd had caught my attention. I really like the idea of having a throttle in...
  7. Bill_12831

    Bosch Battery stopped charging

    I have a fairly new Trek Allant +7s with bosch 500 battery and 4a charger. I recently purchased a solar generator (power station).. An Ecoflow Delta 1300. My 2nd time using this Ecoflow I attempted to charge my ebike battery with it and it worked for about 5 minutes and the Fan on the Ecoflow...
  8. Bill_12831

    Can Bosch Ebike battery be used as a power source during power failure?

    Is there an inverter available to be able to use your ebike battery to power small appliances during a power failure? That would be a good idea since solar generator/ or large power banks can be pretty expensive and since I already have a 500WH battery that would work well. I have a Ryobi...
  9. Bill_12831

    Hello from upstate New York

    Hello all, I recently purchased a new Trek Allant +7s and am getting into cycling more as I work a desk job and recently turned 50 -- I need more exercise! Just wondering if anyone else lives in the Saratoga Springs area and can recommend any good riding spots for recreation. I'm originally...