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  1. rochrunner

    Trek's version of the SL?

    I got an email from Trek the other day announcing some new nice-looking "lightweight" e-bikes and was surprised at some of the similarities to the Vado SL. It even comes in "non EQ" and "EQ" models. Some similarities to the SL, besides the "40lb" weight, are the 250W motor and the availability...
  2. rochrunner

    Trim bars on Vado SL

    Has anyone trimmed the bar width on their Vado SL? Yesterday I rode my old Crosstrail hybrid for the first time since getting my Vado SL 5 and noticed right away that it was more comfortable for my arms and wrists. The basic geometry of the two bikes is very close, but what I observed is that my...
  3. rochrunner

    Selle Anatomica Saddle

    For those who are thinking of or are a fan of Selle Anatomica saddles, my X2 with <200 miles is for sale in the For Sale section of the forums at a great price 😄.
  4. rochrunner

    Like New Selle Anatomica X2 Saddle

    Selle Anatomica X2 saddle for riders 120-180lbs. Aluminum frame, tubular stainless steel rails. Used less than 200 miles. Great saddle, but doesn't work in my particular case. $179 list, sell for $99 with shipping included to USA lower 48 states.
  5. rochrunner

    "eBike Sensor Battery Critical"

    Not on the bike display, but instead this message came up yesterday on my Garmin Edge 1030+ while riding my '22 Vado SL 5.0. It eventually went away but I was wondering exactly what it meant. My main battery had just been charged to 100%, but then I was wondering if it was referring to the TCU...
  6. rochrunner

    Mastermind TCU Update

    While looking for something totally unrelated, I tripped onto a couple of Specialized videos posted just 4 hours ago (!) and talking about the newest update for Mastermind TCUs such as the one on my 2022 Vado SL 5.0. I installed it with no problems, and after an update also to the Mission...
  7. rochrunner

    Clamping onto a workstand

    My question here isn't what the best stand is, etc., as I think I've got that covered now. What I was wondering is if it's still OK to clamp an e-bike onto a workstand using the old standard seatpost method. Mainly, my newest e-bike has a non-removable battery, so when clamping by the seatpost...
  8. rochrunner

    FutureShock Spring Choice

    The FutureShock on my Vado SL 5.0 came with the medium-rate spring installed, but they also provided the softer and stiffer springs. The sheet that came with it shows that it's not difficult to change myself if I have a need to. Anyone have any experience on how you've found the different...
  9. rochrunner

    Local vs Company-owned store experience

    There were discussions here a while ago about Specialized buying up a lot of locally-owned bike chains, which could have good or bad outcomes (Trek is also doing this). So I thought I'd share my recent experience, although it's obviously a sample size of one as far as making general conclusions...
  10. rochrunner

    Vado SL 5.0 -- It's Here!

    I got a text from my LBS on Monday that my SL 5.0 was in and built, and by noon yesterday it was in my basement (long story). I haven't had much time to play with it, but did note a couple of things. - When I put a deposit on it in early January the price was USD $4750, but shortly after that...
  11. rochrunner

    2020 Vado OEM parts photos please

    When my new Vado SL 5.0 arrives (if ever :rolleyes: ), I'll be transferring the seat and pedals from my 2020 Vado 4.0 to the new bike and then selling the old one. The problem is that when I looked in my bike parts bin the other day, I actually have three seats in there that say "Specialized" on...
  12. rochrunner

    E-bike Guru?

    I'm not sure why my wife found this so hilarious. Anyone else see more than a bit of themselves here? :rolleyes: By the way, Serial1 is the e-bike line developed and sold by Harley-Davidson.
  13. rochrunner

    Review of new generation 2022 Vado 4.0

    This is from Bicycling Magazine. I don't subscribe but was able to read it OK -- YMMV.
  14. rochrunner

    Remove user account

    In going over all my online accounts to fix email addresses, change passwords, etc. I discovered that I started another user profile somewhere back in time that I've never really used. Is there some way to delete a forum account?
  15. rochrunner

    How to sell an expensive e-bike

    When I've sold bikes in the past it's been for a few hundred $$ and it wasn't much hassle; someone would answer my Craigslist ad, come over to take a look at the bike, hand me some cash, and that was about it. But in the near future I'll be looking to sell my Specialized Vado for a price more...
  16. rochrunner

    Dropped chain on Trek Verve+

    My wife dropped the chain to the inside on her Trek Verve+ for no apparent reason and that sucker is really jammed in there. It was fortunate that she was riding alone since I was at home and could drive right out with the rack on the car to bring the bike home (I was unable to get it back on by...
  17. rochrunner

    Verve+ Dropped Chain

    My wife was riding her 2019 Verve+ today when the chain dropped just as she was starting off from a stop. It's really jammed in there and I'll probably end up taking it to the LBS since it's due for service anyway (good thing I put the rack on the car when I drove to the "rescue"). But I can't...
  18. rochrunner

    Excess Large Creos?

    Duplicate thread.
  19. rochrunner

    2022 SL 5.0 Specs

    As of today, on the U.S. Specialized web site, it is still showing different build specs for the standard vs step-thru (ST) versions of the SL 5.0. The ST is listed with what I assume are "2022" components, including a SRAM drivetrain with an 11-50 cassette and the new "MasterMind" TCU, whereas...
  20. rochrunner

    Vado crank arm torque

    My Vado 4 has developed a minor noise that on a conventional bike I would say is a "creaky bottom bracket." Before I resort to my LBS, it seems like a possible source would be the tightness of the crank arm bolts. Does anyone know what the torque spec for this bolt is? If I'm going to try to...