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    Article on improved battery technology

    Improved battery technology by inventor of lithium ion cells
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    Ol bear on the MTN. Monarch co.

    My other love / workout
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    Norway idea to promote ebike

    Love the concept ... We are seeing more and more of this
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    Tree hugger / LA times redux ebike article

    Glad it's getting some press ... Another article discussing ebike application ...they should include that it not only is good trans. ... Also fun and very social .... and it simply makes you feel good
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    Ebikes as transportation opinion LA times art. Alot of it is perception and slow infrastructure by states / manicupalities
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    Haibike moving to Denver

    German mfg moving offices to Denver
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    Ride safe ! Article video how fast accidents happen

    Hey folks .... We ride these bikes ( I know I do my speed pedelec ) pretty fast ... Easy to get used to ... Watch this video to keep yourself in check ... Ride safe out there !
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    Veteran/member article on ebikes !! Congrats

    A member here given just due for interest / building ebikes ... Congrats Chris !
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    Countries proposing ebike rules / registration

    I've read quite a few articles regarding registering ebikes for use on streets etc. Some will require a plate ... Here is sample article ... Will try and add others later
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    USA ebike business up 50% and growing

    Article shows us what we surmised
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    This Ebike thing is going to the dogs ... Woofer

    Endurance ebike ride with man's best friend ... Healthy new years to all...
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    Autonomous cars and bikes/lanes ... Problems

    They are going to have to address this before implementing ... Seems the systems have difficulty recognizing bikes and lanes . For best article below
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    Ebike delivery is usa ... Gotta luv it Coming to a town near you ! Here is an update article stating start of ebike service in Portland ...
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    Copenhagen bike infrastructure / success

    Build it and they will come ... While this does not give the mix of ebikes , shows what can be accomplished cycling-revolution-bikes-outnumber-cars-first-time-copenhagen
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    Two wheels and a motor ... Kinda ... Fun read

    Back in the day an electric pioneer in electric propulsion ... Back when you did what you had to.... Ha ... Hang on !
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    improved helmets for s pedelecs ...

    Bad link .. try again later ... Sorry
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    Netherlands sells more ebike than old school
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    Forbes e bike article ... Re USA builder

    While I do not own a Rad ... Glad to see usa builders competing
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    New Tesla ebike battery option
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    New ebike concept ... Interesting