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  1. TerryV6

    Should I change my Bafang control display

    I'm a young 70 year old and I added a bafang kit to my Terratrike rambler and it works very well. I was advised to get the 500c color display. I'm having difficulty seeing much in direct sunlight, as I see others also have with this. I can see the power setting and have lived with this. I...
  2. TerryV6

    Proper ebike mechanical and emotor use when riding

    So, I had a bafang front motor kit installed on my sisters bike, and she is asking about how to ride it. She has the mechanical gears of course, and now has a number of levels of assist, plus the throttle. What do most people do on this? Of course just using throttle is not what she really...
  3. TerryV6

    wheel size help

    My sister owns a 2015 women's Trek Verve 3 bike. We want to surprise her with a bafang emotor kit, but I'm unsure of her wheel size. I'm given the choice of 26, 27 or 29 inches. She might have a 700c... Which wheel size should we pick? I don't want to call and ask her obviously. I could...
  4. TerryV6

    Rad mini handlebar potentially loose

    The handlebar can rotated with respect to the front tire. The screws seem to be torqued properly but are not clamping hard enough to prevent rotation. Check it by holding your front wheel between your knees and try to rotate the handlebar while keeping the wheel straight. I had my two bolts...
  5. TerryV6

    Handlebar addon bar for accessories for rad bike

    I've seen extension bars for accessories. Any recomendations?
  6. TerryV6

    Helmet comms

    When we ride together it’s really tough to talk back and forth. I did a general search and saw helmets with mic and speakers built in . One company mentioned was Sena. Has anyone used a helmet system and have any recommendations?
  7. TerryV6

    Brake lever reach adjustment?

    My wife’s mini step thru Brake levers are a problem. She says that the brake lever reach is not comfortable for her smaller hands. Is there an adjustment here that I could do, to bring the lever closer to the handlebar? Thanks
  8. TerryV6

    Rad mini step thru seat post adjustment

    We just bought two rad minis. I’ve assembled both and love them. I am 5’8 and I have the post adjusted right up to the line. Then it says (Warning-dont raise higher or something to that effect). I could use about another inch higher adjustment. There is a lot of tubing still in the frame...
  9. TerryV6

    Rad mini assembly question concerning front wheel

    I have my bike assembled and didn’t have much difficulty. This is my first ebike btw. I put the front wheel on and cannot get it to spin freely. Now, when that happened with all my previous bikes with quick release, when that happened, it meant I had tightened it down too much. That’s not...
  10. TerryV6

    Hello from Appleton Wi.

    Just introducing myself. We are retired and camp a lot. I've always loved biking but my wife is a bit nervous on a full size bike. After a lot of research, I decided to get two folding Rad mini step thrus. They are coming tomorrow and we are super excited. I've watched a ton of videos on...