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    New Delite Mountain Rohloff E14 issue..

    I bought this bike a couple of days ago and it’s been perfect in every way apart from the crazy amount of noise it seems to make in gear 7 and lower. I also have a Cube Reaction Hybrid pro with the same Bosch CX gen 4 motor as the Delite and when running at 70-75 rpm in the lower gears, the...
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    Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 1 Open, 2021 model (UK, Wales)

    This is the xtra-small 2021 model that’s perfect for someone who is up to 5’5”. It’s beautifully made, petite, around 4 months old and covered 200 miles. The 27” tyres are puncture-resistant Hutchinson Python 2 and have also been slimed! Equipped with a Bosch Active Line Plus motor with a 400aH...
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    Bike for my wife?

    A few months ago I bought a Reaction Pro Hybrid 625 and love the thing. My wife currently has a bike with a Bosch Active Line Plus motor but while it’s good most of the time, it really doesn’t allow her to cope well with steep hills. My wife is 165cm or 5’2” in height and 58kg. As we’re both...
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    Nyon 2021 not syncing some rides.

    I’m not sure exactly what’s going on but sometimes, after I get back home the Nyon just refuses to sync. It’s connected to my home WiFi and usually a few minutes after I get back, the data is in the Bosch portal ready for me to take a look. Today, I’ve returned from a ride and theres no record...
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    Accidentally deleted ride in ebike connect..

    Yup, deleted the ride when trying to choose another menu option on the ebike connect website. Is there and way to get it back? It’s also vanished on my app on the phone. 😠
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    How does the Bosch motor handle multiple gear shifting?

    I always stop pedalling when I shift gears (I was told that I had to do this with my bike) but I just wanted to know what happens when you change several gears at the same time - maybe from 1 to 5 or 7 to 2 etc? How does the Bosch motor handle this? Does this cause a lot of strain on the chain...
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    SRAM GX Eagle Gripshift - suitable for eBikes?

    I’ve ordered a 12 speed Gx Gripshift for my Cube as I’m getting a lot of arthritic thumb pain using the trigger shifts but I just realised that none of SRAM’s grip shifts mention that they are suitable for eBikes. All the trigger shifters seem to have ebike specific variants! Is there any reason...
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    Cassette / sprocket lubrication?

    Ok, I’m going to really show my nubie-ness here but I’ve just done my first de-grease of the chain and cassette (woohoo!) and applied Muck Off Chain lube (dry) but what do I lube the cassette with? They’re all clean and shiny (ish) but shouldn’t they have some stuff applied to them? I was going...
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    Seatpost. Grease or not to grease?

    I’ve just bought a Suntour suspension seat post and when I removed my ‘old’ seatpost from my 6 week old bike, it had a fair bit of grease on it. Do I need to apply grease to the new seatpost? The bike / post is not Carbon, before anyone asks! Any advice would be appreciated! If anyone has one...
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    Riding through water...

    It’s rained a lot in the UK in the past week so when the sun shone yesterday, I went for a ride to test out my new bike (Cube Reaction Pro 625] and new display (Nyon V2]. All was fine until I sailed down a hill at 22 mph on a narrow, empty road with a 45 degree turn at the bottom. When I got...
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    Thinking of upgrading from Purion to Kiox or Nyon

    Does anyone know of any guides on how to do it? With the retrofit kit for both of these available, I was thinking of upgrading to something which gave me more info. Also, does anyone know the difference between the old Nyon and the 2021 model?
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    Cube Nuride arrived. Terrible quality control?

    Just had my bike delivered with a few faults. Some paint flaws, couple of deep marks Seat broken. The metal tube under the seat has become dislodged. I can’t put it back in. The left pedal crank arm has no thread for the pedal. The left brake lever was wrapped around the frame and then the...
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    How much torque is enough?

    After a lot of consideration I’ve decided that I’ll get a Cube but the lack of test drives available in the UK because of the virus, it means that I’ll effectively be buying blind without even riding or trying the bike. I don’t ride a lot, maybe a couple of times a week and usually no more than...
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    NCM Paris Max w/ Bafang mid drive motor

    Just had this bike delivered for my wife and the Bafang mid drive motor seems to be giving a max of 100% assist. This is pretty poor when compared to the Yamaha and Bosch motors which both give 250 to 320% assist. Does anyone have any experience of this model?
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    Bafang Max 250w motor .. confused, pls help!

    Hi all, After some considerable searching, we finally settled on a bike for my wife. She wanted a stepthrough, foldable with 20” wheels with a Bosch motor. I couldn’t find anything with the Bosch but I did find a NCM Paris Max with a Bafang Max so I ordered it. The bike arrived today and it...
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    Looking to spend £2500 on an ebike..

    I’m a hard time deciding which bike to go for. I was initially looking at a Haibike Trekking 4 but there seem to be a couple of alternatives at approximately the same price from lesser known companies like Gepida and Forme. These bike (including the Haibike) all seem to have more or less the...
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    Rotating handlebars for storage etc?

    Looking to get a new ebike but the one problem is that I need to fit it into the back of the car. I can take the front wheel off but I was wondering if there was anything that would allow me to turn the handlebars by 90 degrees quickly. I saw some video of some fitting that allowed you to...
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    Battery calibration?

    After riding 21ish miles, I return home with 1 to 2 bars (out of 5) on the battery indicator on the lcd display. I suspect it’s nearer 1 bar as the second bar only just came back on after I stopped. This has happened after every single ride since I got the bike and I’ve always been a bit miffed...
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    Motor power consumption..

    Can anyone tell me if a 750w motor running at 12mph consumes more power (from a battery) as a 350w motor also running at 12 mph? The speeds are arbitrary, just asking about the power consumption of the two motors at the same speed!