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  1. Tom on 101

    front hub

    My set up is a front hub and when I peddle both wheels are under power so does nice job of tracking through sand. if your really riding aggressively then the front wheel may slip a little but seems really controllable to me.
  2. Tom on 101

    front hub

    Not sure what your budget is but I like clean republic's kits, the 36v makes for a nice awd that works well through sand traps, river beds etc. their sales staff are reachable by phone.
  3. Tom on 101

    My first Hill Topper was my first ev

    I had a good bike siting in the backyard so to get my fist eBike going was not very expensive. I did have to change out my forks but that allowed me to repack the front end too. After the fist ride I decided to referb the entire bike. The total weight is 35 lb with the "sprinter" battery. The...
  4. Tom on 101

    worst ebike company ever.

    I purchased their 24 volt and 36 volt kits recently and they work great for me. I found that their customer support and sales people knew their products well and were quick to respond to phone and email questions. If you want a very light weight solution then I would recommend them. The...