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  1. BlackHand

    WSP takes bike theft seriously! (when it affects the evening commute)

    This guy's mistake was getting onto the highway. If he had stayed on the Seattle streets he would've gotten away just fine. 7PM, the cars going by just ignored the dude...
  2. BlackHand

    Move trigger shifter to left side?

    I recently fractured my thumb and have not been riding as I can't downshift with my SLX shifter. It's looking like it will be a bit of a long haul before the thumb is reasonably functional again (surgery, bone graft, plate, the whole nine yards) so I'd like to come up with an interim solution...
  3. BlackHand

    SPH / COBI question

    Hoping one of the Bosch guys can answer this: Can you confirm that the power displayed in the fitness module is the user power and if so is this actually calculated from the torque sensor data from the DU? The documentation on the COBI developer site seems to imply otherwise: userPower The...