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    New 2023 specialized Vado 5.0 IGH

    Picked the bike up yesterday, I did a 21 mile round trip,beautiful day here in NE Georgia for a ride,80 degrees, rode in eco 10/35, had to use sport a couple times. The shifting seems to be ok, will take some time to get used to ( I’m going to give it more than one ride). I briefly went on the...
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    Como sizes

    I’m about a two hr drive from a shop that has small and large como 4.0 step thru frame not put together, I’m kinda in between ,the website gives the max seat height but not the minimum height, can anyone give me the minimum height from seat to pedals and seat to ground on large ?thanks
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    sold 2020 Cube Reaction Hybrid 45 EX 625 29 Allroad ( Georgia)

    Bosch gen 4 speed motor 1x12 speed bike has 10 miles 15" frame, I'm 5'6", not many 29ers with a 29" standover, love this bike, unfortunately for me I purchased this bike without riding one, had knee replacement over a year ago, my foot will not stay on pedal also have the acid sic rear carrier...