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  1. SCbiker

    Let's see your best pic of your electric bicycle

    looks like the great lakes somewhere ?
  2. SCbiker

    Newport Beach Bike Fire

    I saw this in the news ... Hope this continues to be a very isolated situation. Alot of stored energy in newer bikes ... B.
  3. SCbiker

    Article on improved battery technology

    A follow up to original post ...
  4. SCbiker

    Tickets when using bike rack

    Rola basket with lockable fork mount ... Also has locking pin to make theft a little harder, chose this due to flexibility for other uses and is rock solid... Rated for 500#....
  5. SCbiker

    Article on improved battery technology

    Improved battery technology by inventor of lithium ion cells
  6. SCbiker

    Ol bear on the MTN. Monarch co.

    My other love / workout
  7. SCbiker

    Coloured rims

    Marceltt ... I like this ... Hope u get some response ... I have a totally black bike including rims ... My only saver are the schwalbe marathoner with reflective stripe. On top of being seen I think it would be sportier / more contrast with a little color .
  8. SCbiker

    Schwalbe tires off to terrible start

    bravo ... glad to hear it ... ive got the marathons myself and couldnt be happier. like hearing about good suppliers ... B.
  9. SCbiker

    Just curious. If I removed front wheel, would rover fit in Mustang?

    It's been a long time that I've seen the back end of a mustang ... But I would bet no .... Or if it does you'll be banging up the bike and or car. I've got a small SUV the Ford escape and my bike barley for in there ... One suggestion to research would be a trailer hitch ... Give you alot of...
  10. SCbiker

    Norway idea to promote ebike

    Love the concept ... We are seeing more and more of this
  11. SCbiker

    Op Ed in LA Times... E-bikes may be the greenest form of transportation ever

    Here u go ... Idea for bikes in Norway
  12. SCbiker

    Changes to my RadRover

    Mrgold, Give me a mini review on the suntour ncx .... What do you think this far ? How long have you been using it etc.... Are they very springy or stable etc Curious butts want to know Tks B.
  13. SCbiker

    Op Ed in LA Times... E-bikes may be the greenest form of transportation ever

    We could call it. "flip flops for bikes " Big success !
  14. SCbiker

    Tree hugger / LA times redux ebike article

    Glad it's getting some press ... Another article discussing ebike application ...they should include that it not only is good trans. ... Also fun and very social .... and it simply makes you feel good
  15. SCbiker

    Ride safe ! Article video how fast accidents happen

    opimax ... sorry to hear of your demise ... hope prognosis is good. Many years ago when I healed faster (late teens/20) we rode motorcross. A friend and I trailer ed bikes out in country to ride. He was 20' or so in front of me ... we had just come out of woods on single trail to a field/...
  16. SCbiker

    Ebikes as transportation opinion LA times art.

    love hearing that JR ... does that include Pittsburg ? ...I used to do business there 80's 90's
  17. SCbiker

    Ebikes as transportation opinion LA times art.

    thanks for the tip Ann ! ill contact them and look fwd to exploring San Antonio Cheers/prost/kippis ... Ann ... owe you a brew B.
  18. SCbiker

    Ebikes as transportation opinion LA times art.

    Ann ... I hear you ... Have to keep pushing for what I call common sense infrastructure ... I've had the good fortune to travel / live in EU and Nordic countries ... As cold as they are plenty of infastructure that accommodates walking or bikes ... Can rail them (bikes) in with you from...
  19. SCbiker

    NuVinci Hub

    over50 , tks ... I have the Alfine 11 so more than likely I would have a similar experience. do they recommend oil service intervals or is it sealed for life ? B.
  20. SCbiker

    Cygolite 1100 FYI ...this is the front cygo ... and the rear ...