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  1. elbikefun

    EBOXX E14

    First trip on my Nicolai eboxx -R14 last night in freezing 6 degrees C ( 21,2 F) . Steady & stabile as a train this bike.
  2. elbikefun

    Regarding "Total weight" of bike: Problematic to use a which totalweigh is passed with aprox 10 kilos( 22.5 pounds) ?

    I have a good eye at some Haibike-models. The bikes in question; have "total perm. weight" of 120 kilograms (264.5 pounds). Do I understand right; that the 120 kilos includes the weight of the bike ( aprox 20 kg (aprox 44.1 pounds), leaving the maximal riderweight to about 100 kg (220.5...
  3. elbikefun

    Possible to upgrade R&M Delite Rohloff from mechanical to electronic gearshifter ?

    Hi guys and garls. Anybody who knows if its possible to retro-upgrade from ordinary/mechanical gear-sifter to the electronical variant ? I Might buy a R& M Delite GX Rohloff HS which comes with the ordinary/ manual gearshifter. I would consider seriously to upgrade if this is possible. :)
  4. elbikefun

    ST2S Which upgrades does the 2018 ST2 S have; compared to the 2016-models ?

    I got the 2016 ST2S. Was just wondering exactly what upgrades the 2018 got compared to my 2016model ?
  5. elbikefun

    ST2 S : Riser bar which fits the bike without modifying wires & brake-lines

    Got back-pain; and need to rise the steering-bar on my ST2 S. Any of you who have modified your ST2 (S) with a riser-bar , steeringstem ; or other modifications to highten hte steering ? I would like to rise the steering as much as possible; but as stated; without a costly modification or swap...
  6. elbikefun

    spring coming. Got my Stromer out of aprox 5 months of winter-sleep today :-)

    Today; I could finally take my first ride this season. My ST-2S had rested since early october last year in my basement. Thats about when the snow appeared. I had longed for the winter to loose its grip so I could begin joyriding it again.. I brought the bike outside; and went for a nice ride...
  7. elbikefun

    Racktime "Mia" panniers: Perfect fit to ST2/ ST2s -rack ( stock-rack which is accessorie in europe)

    Ordered Racktime "Mia"-bags with my ST2s early this summer. Focused on these, as my Stromer-dealer highly reccommended these over others; because of good fit, good looks and high quality. How ever, the "Mia"-model was in backorder/sold out everywhere. Finally; they were in stock again about two...
  8. elbikefun

    Does theRacktime KLICKfix -adapter fit the luggagerac on ST2`s ?

    Does this KlickFix rackadapter fit the ST2?s ?
  9. elbikefun

    Side-bags for ST-2(s): Any experiences guys ?

    Yeah; I know. This theme has been up before. How ever; I did not find the answers I was seeking for in this matter. My dealer reccomends the Racktime Mia -model. Told me these fits perfectly. How ever; these seems to be unavailable for now. Perhaps available later in August/ September. These...
  10. elbikefun

    LITELOK : Some early user-experiences with this bikelock

    When I purchased my Stromer e-bike some weeks ago; I also began looking for good bike-locks to secure my investment. I was looking for locks which had best compromize of security and user-friendly attributes, like low weight and ease of use. I excluded "U"-locks; even though the security these...
  11. elbikefun

    When is the "right time" to charge the battery in order to take well care of it ?

    In daily use, how low in power do you run down your batteries before charging them ? Some say modern batteries do not have memory-effect; and can be charged at any-time without this affecting the lifespan of the battery. Others say batteries are best charged up allready when power is down to 40...
  12. elbikefun

    Surveilance-video showing a Stromer ST2 and a Lapierre Eden Park being stolen

    June 29; AM 03.46 in the morning, there was a burglary at a premium e-bike-store in Stockholm. Two premium bikes; one of them a ST2 was stolen. Have a look at the surveilance video which got some of the action on tape: rare bikes being stolen There are 5 Stromer ST2 `s in Sweden totally (from...
  13. elbikefun

    ST2s: Possible to shut off the mainheadlight ?

    Got my ST2s last week. When the bike is turned on, both the daytime-light and the main light is turned on automaticly. By following instructions found in a thread on this forum; I was able to enter the service-menu, and turn off the daytime-light. I would love to be able to turn off the main...
  14. elbikefun

    Rearview mirror standard on ST2 -bikes ? If not, any mirrror to reccomend ?

    It seems like I am carpet-bommbing the Stromer Forum with questions and comments:eek: I am sure its only temporarily with this intensity. Simple question: Do the Stromer bikes come with rear-view mirror as standard ( I could not see it in the online manual I found) ? If it doesn`t; any advice...
  15. elbikefun

    Bye Grace & hello Stromer :-) :-)

    After weeks of being torn between my senses and emotions; the emotions got the better of me today: Payment have been transfered to Hamburg in Germany for a brand new Stromer ST2 s :-) It will probably arrive within 7-10 days. Ordered the 22" frame, suspension seatpost, luggagerack and a nice...
  16. elbikefun

    How do you clean your Stromer ?

    I have been relatively "active" on this forum; after discovering it about a week ago. I am determined to invest in a nice ebike real soon; and as now; hold a Stromer ST2 (s) or a Grace One as hot candidates. There are pros and cons and ambivalence going on; making my decission difficult. While...
  17. elbikefun

    Do any of you use a service-stand when cleaning/ servicing your Stromer-bikes ?

    What`s the dimmentions on the Stromer frame-tubes ? Any service-stands which can clamp on to this bike ?
  18. elbikefun

    Greetings from a prospectiv Stromer-owner :-) Anyone of you tryed a Grace One-bike ?

    First of all; I am happy to found this Stromer forum :-) After an hour of Reading thru postings; I know there are many enthusiastic Stromer-users hier; who share their experiences, knowledge and opinions. I appreciate that. I look forward to continue look thru old and New postings :-) At the...