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  1. Moonshine

    Haibike Sduro Hardseven 6.0 2017 vs Specialized Turbo Como 2.0 2017

    The ebike industry should give me commission! This would be the 5th person I have convinced to go the ebike way! So my new co-worker, I took him to a local bike shop yesterday and he rode a whole bunch of bikes and the two that he really like the most - they couldn't be more different! Haibike...
  2. Moonshine

    Thinking about importing a Deskinio Urban from the UK! $4500 for a single speed bike seems Crazy in my mind but then again, I ignore my mind routinely. I was wondering if it's possible to get a conversation going about the commuter worthiness of such a bike. The idea of an extremely...
  3. Moonshine

    Stop me from spending $4500 on a 2015 model please!

    So im determined to get a bike with a middrive and Nuvinci Hsync automatic shifting system. I love the idea of setting my preferred cadeance speed and letting the bike handle the rest, There is only one model that I like look wise and thats the Cube SUV hybrid 27.5. I love the 2.4 fatter tires...
  4. Moonshine

    Stealth looking Ebike with throttle?

    Hello EBR, Im seeking an electric bike for my aunt. She is 5'5, petite. She wants an electric bike with throttle. Judging by our talks, i think she would prefer a stealthier route. Budget is 4K. Any suggestions?
  5. Moonshine

    Everyone tells me the Pedego 24" Trail tacker is expensive but they can't tell me an alternative!

    Everyone tells me the $2,900 Pedego 24" Trail Tacker is too expensive for what it is but they can't tell me an alternative to compete with this bike. 24" Fat Bike. Throttle Override at any level Integrated battery. What other bike in...
  6. Moonshine

    Help my Uncle customize a Ariel Rider N Class Cruiser!

    So I have never heard about this company before. Their facebook page has 2 reviews. I didn't even know there was an EBR review for them until 20 minutes ago. My Uncle somehow found them online searching for "motorcycle" style cruisers. So the...
  7. Moonshine

    My first Crash Report :D

    So crashed my bike today. I took my hand of the handlebar and I braked and I'm not sure what happened next. I landed on my ankle and then my knee. Skin off some areas. No broken bones. I feel like my lower spine is completely misaligned. Pain when I make certain movements like bending. :D I...
  8. Moonshine

    Haibike Urban Plus 2017 - The most exciting Urban E-bike!

    Haibike Urban Plus 2017 Court, We need a Review :D 28mph. TranzX M25 Motor with shift detection. 70nm torque. I can't see the motor or the battery :D Super Moto X tires! I can't think of a more exciting urban e-bike on the market now. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  9. Moonshine

    Exploding Tires on Ebikes?

    Hello electric friends, How common of a problem is exploding tires on an e-bike? And what exactly happens when you are on a speed pedelec and your tire explodes? I mean I can't even imagine the physics behind what' gonna happen next. There was an older thread where a user described how his...
  10. Moonshine

    Where can I buy a Cube SUV Hybrid SL 27.5 in the US?

    I don't mind purchasing online. Where can I buy this? I love the concept of cadence control via Nuvinci/Bosch setup. Why is it so hard to find? Would I have to import this bike and how do I go about doing that? Please help!
  11. Moonshine

    Perfecting PAS * Cadence Control without affecting speed?

    Hello Good Folks, I want the ability to set cadence speed without affecting how fast you can go. So like this, All scenarios assumed on a speed pedelec with 28mph max speed. Scenario 1: Cadence set to 80 with maximum power assist and should reach 25mph+ easily. Scenario 2: Cadence set to a...
  12. Moonshine

    Feedback on Lunacycle & Lectric-cycles?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering anyone have had any direct experience with either lunacycle or lectricycles. I was considering a BBSHD or E-RAD custom build for the next project and both of these guys seems to have plenty of pre-built choices.
  13. Moonshine

    Handlebars for a speed pedelec with no front suspension?

    Objective: To find a handle bar for a speed pedelec with no front suspension. Think your wrists aching after hours of bumpy rides. Mission: More control, less aggressive and more relaxed riding position but not quite cruiser style. Dislikes: Road Handlebars. Right now, the bike has "Giant...
  14. Moonshine

    Do you struggle to find the right gears+assist level for a smooth ride?

    I rented the Giant Quick E for 2 days. Yamaha motor. 20 Speed 2x10 Shimano Deore Shadow Rear Derailleur 11-36T, Shimano Deore Front Derailleur 36/48T Power Settings:> ECO NORMAL POWER I struggle to find the right combo of the perfect gear + assist level for a smooth/easy ride. On the...
  15. Moonshine

    I hate wearing a helmet on ebikes and I found articles online saying helmets do more harm?

    So I personally hate wearing a helmet on ebikes. I feel that thing on my head all the time and I hate all the straps and everything. It just feels wrong. There is only one shop in town with bicycle helmets and I can't find any that I like. Everything looks like there is a weird starfish attached...
  16. Moonshine

    The threads/clothing to make sure you are seen on the road!!

    Anybody here invest in visibility clothing? LED shirts? Reflective jackets? Kevlar Jeans? o.O What do you guys use that make you more comfortable about being seen? What do you have, to protect that precious thing you call your body other than the helmet?
  17. Moonshine

    Battle of the 28mph: Quick E+ vs Redux IE

    Both bikes feel great. Both are powerful. The Quick E+ Yamaha motor is like a rocket engine. The Redux IE Brose motor is 'softer' in it's activation. Both get the job done. If you were to ignore rider preferences and look at both bikes for what they are, which one is a better pick? Both...
  18. Moonshine

    What lock do you use to protect your ebike?

    It is hard to find lot of bike friendly stops here so I use a combinations of chains and u locks to pretty much tie the bike around almost anything. I just have to wear this bag all the time with a heavy a chain lock inside :( What do you guys use?
  19. Moonshine

    Bottle Cage vs Rear View Mirror

    In a battle royale battle between the two accessories, if you had to pick one over the other, which would you pick for an ebike and why?