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  1. Chris Hammond

    Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Have you checked to make sure the speed limiter is set above 20mph??? Depending on location bikes can be shipped in a "class 2" configuration with speed limit set at 20 mph.
  2. Chris Hammond

    Yet another CCX owner

    Interesting, did you have this problem both front and rear? I would assume something got bent if it was just one or the other, but not both. I'm on my 4th set of brake pads, and have not had any issues whatsoever. I'm using semi-metallic pads and getting ~3000 miles per set. These are the ones...
  3. Chris Hammond

    Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I'm curious if anyone has looked into higher speed motor windings and if Juiced offers one for the CCS/CCX. My motor has been trouble free thus far, but when its time for a replacement, I am willing to sacrifice some low speed torque for a few more mph on the top end. I would love to stick with...
  4. Chris Hammond

    24+ mile round trip, 28mph, 90 pounds of errand stuff, $3500

    IMHO, commuting is where hub drives shine. I can review some pros/cons if you want. My personal experience with my CCS hub drive has been spectacular. I have over 9000 miles on the bike and zero motor issues to date. Honestly, zero issues with the bike overall. I have done maintenance...
  5. Chris Hammond

    24+ mile round trip, 28mph, 90 pounds of errand stuff, $3500

    You will need around 1kWh of battery to do your ride, most ebikes have batteries in the 400-600 Wh range. There are only a few off the shelf bikes that have a battery option big enough for your needs. FWIW, my commute is ~30 miles each way, and I do like to have a cruising speed in the 26-30 mph...
  6. Chris Hammond

    Curious how others feel about class 3 speeds

    I was not offended at all. I understand the laws regarding ebikes. The 750W motor limit is an unbelievably subjective number. There is no federal or states standard of how this is set. This leaves the bike makers to set the rating as they see fit based on the way they want to market the bike. My...
  7. Chris Hammond

    Curious how others feel about class 3 speeds

    I have put the bike in "off road" mode by increasing the top speed. This allows up to ~ 35mph assisted top speed with a fully charged battery. However, my cruising speed is generally 26-30mph.
  8. Chris Hammond

    Curious how others feel about class 3 speeds

    This is correct. Almost all of my commute is in car traffic on roads that have bike lanes or wide shoulders. If I ride a MUP I slow down especially if there are others on the trail. As a former road bike commuter, I will say I feel safer on my ebike at 30mph than I did on my road bike at 20mph...
  9. Chris Hammond

    Juiced - Medium or Large?

    I'm 5-10", with 32" inseam. I bought a large frame CCS. If I was reordering I'd get a medium. Not a big deal overall though. I can stand over bar with both feet flat on the ground.
  10. Chris Hammond

    Full Featured Commuters Like Raleigh Redux IE (2019)

    I would like to give you some perspective as a long term bike commuter. My commute is 30 miles each way. I did this on my road bike for many years. As I got older I found myself using the commuter train more and more often when riding conditions weren't optimal, (basically if I had a head wind...
  11. Chris Hammond

    Torque sensor city/road ~$2k

    I would also recommend looking at Juiced. You may also want to consider their RipCurrent S. Its basically the same bike as the CrossCurrent only with fat tires. If you plan on riding the bike on the beach at all you would definitely want fat tires. You will also be very hard pressed to find...
  12. Chris Hammond

    Long term motor reliability?

    Over 8000 trouble free miles on the motor now. Bike is amazingly reliable, smooth and free of problems.:)
  13. Chris Hammond

    Juiced CCX not as fast as I thought

    Simply put, yes. Seems like your speed limiter was set too low. I set mine at 40 just so I never have the "governor" check my speed. I only use S mode when climbing hills or big head winds. I'm in level 2-3 assist most of the time and my cruising speed is generally 26-32 mph depending on slope...
  14. Chris Hammond

    Yet another CCX owner

    Link, sorry if my response seemed at all snarky. I was merely inquiring about possible variables that may have led to our difference in observed lifespan. I'm guessing that your high % of gravel riding creates enough dust to shorten chainlife. I am actually very curious about your experience...
  15. Chris Hammond

    Yet another CCX owner

    Interesting on your chain wear. I didn't need to replace the chain on my CCS until about 5000 miles. Cassette and chainring were good and still original. Im at ~7800 miles on the bike now, and zero issues with the new chain, I expect it to last at least 5000 miles as well. It would be...
  16. Chris Hammond

    CCX 500 Mile update

    Chain drops are not a problem isolated to Juiced. Bikes with a single front chainring and no front derailler are subjected to this. Search it on other ebikes and you will find it as a common complaint. That said, you are aware of some of the solutions. Another cheap and easy "fix" is to shorten...
  17. Chris Hammond

    CCX 500 Mile update

    Nice write up. Just to give you a window into your likely future experience, my commute is about the same as yours ~30 miles, but likely more hills as I live in Utah. I got a CCS in May of last year. I am at ~7000 miles on the bike as of today. The bike has held up incredibly well and honestly...
  18. Chris Hammond

    Juiced Bikes Introduces the New CrossCurrent S2

    Flip your rear light upside down. This allows you to see the plastic tab that clips the light to the mount. Then a small flathead allows you to pop the light off easily for battery changes.
  19. Chris Hammond

    What are some of the less expensive bikes with torque sensors?

    Most of Juiced Bikes have torque and cadence sensing. Prices for torque sensing models start around $1600.
  20. Chris Hammond

    Thinking about Juiced CCX. Anyone upgrade to 11 speed?

    Subscribing. I haven't seen anyone post about actually doing an 11spd conversion. My plan is a 10spd when my cassette wears out, but I'd love an 11spd if it fits.