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    Alternative Display and Controller for NCM (DAS-KIT)

    These are the main parts I used: the 155x80x45 box here: The controller here with the 1-4 cable (cant buy from this link anymore, but its the one I used) And the KT LCD 8H display. FYI...
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    Alternative Display and Controller for NCM (DAS-KIT)

    I did this conversion last winter. One of the main reasons was to get rid of that lag. Ended up working out pretty well. I was able to get the KT controller and box for it that fit it pretty snug and mounted it by where the old controller went so almost all of the new wiring was hidden...
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    Suntour NCX, another mismatch for me.

    I don't have much to contribute here, but Angular (not AngularJS) is not rubbish :) Carry on...
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    No assist

    I'm a little confused as to whether or not you have a brake cutoff, but if you do, unplug it and see if the bike works. If it does, it's the brake cutoff that has an issue. As for the PAS disc, it looks like the shop has it aligned pretty straight but if it is not and the disc is different...
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    Bafang M600? Updated 8/14/22

    FYI figured I'd mention. Bike came with firmware version 46.8. A friend put 46.7 on about a week ago after I read it was good a firmware for the M600 when the bike is mostly used on road/rec paths (instead of mountain biking). So far I'd recommend 46.7 for road use. I'm finding it is better on...
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    Bafang M600? Updated 8/14/22

    yeah for sure. It's just kind of nice that there is a repo with a bunch of official and some unofficial tunes. I wish something like that was around for Ultra... a one stop shop for firmware of sorts. But yeah you'd have to spend a while testing out different tunes to figure out which one fits...
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    Bafang M600? Updated 8/14/22

    Ok just took a look. My firmware is 46.8 (CRX10NC4818i132046.8 I believe is the full number). There's tons of different firmwares out there though.
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    Bafang M600? Updated 8/14/22

    yeah, agree its different tunes. The way the throttle is setup on mine is pretty useless in low PAS levels, where I pretty much spend all of my time. The throttle actually seems to work against the PAS in that it will actually reduce the assist if you need more than whatever it is set to push...
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    Bafang M600? Updated 8/14/22

    Alright so an update here. Did a 51 mile ride this past weekend (excluding ferry rides). Burlington, VT area to Plattsburgh, NY. Mostly paved. 1) Setting the display to 9 PAS levels vs. the 5 stock seems to tame the motor a bit at level 1 and makes it pretty good for road use. I was using level...
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    Moscow m3 35 degree stem questions

    might want to think about a handlebar with a larger backsweep too or instead, like a Jones Bar. Stooge Cycles also makes some nice ones.
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    Bafang M600? Updated 8/14/22

    The bike came in and the motor is great from my limited use so far. It seems like an Ultra "light". Smoother, quieter and easier to use on the road than the Ultra (CANBUS). The low end is fairly tame. While it does seem to sometimes want to get you an extra mph or so on flats, it's not nearly as...
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    Bafang M600? Updated 8/14/22

    Did a custom build with this company Eshion, in China. I've worked with them before and have been happy.
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    Bafang M600? Updated 8/14/22

    Good to hear! Have a M600 bike coming next month, similar city style, and have been wondering how the motor will do.
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    RST Renegade Leak

    Hello, I have a bike with an RST Renegade fork. Recently I noticed there seems to be some fluid slowly seeping out from near the rebound adjust at the bottom of the fork. The adjuster is not turning all that easily either. I can't seem to find a ton online about these forks. Any thoughts on...
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    Bafang M200 and M300. Some Questions

    I don't know those two specific motors, but I can tell you the noise level can be significantly different from model to model. For example the Ultra/M620, with stock grease, is borderline annoying loud (not quite annoying though). The BBS02, on the other hand, is nearly silent. Both are...
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    8-speed freewheel 11-32T

    If it's the same as the Moscow Plus, you want the DNP one. May be cheaper on AliExpress.
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    M600 City/Touring Bike?

    Looking to custom build a bike primarily for local use, but also some touring. Been throwing around the M500/M510 and M600 and have been leaning towards the M600 because we want something that can handle hills well and it has the higher 45kmh limit (I believe 500/510 top off at 25). With this...
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    New Moscow plus 48v, 16a battery only showing 53.4v.

    I think the NCM displays don't read accurate. I had two and both would typically read around 53.6 after a charge. I converted to a KT controller/display and it reads above 54 now when fully charged. I have another bike that I can interchange batteries with and it reads above 54 too. I always had...
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    My Electrical people… I need battery help has a good name, from what I understand. Haven't used them before myself though. I think they may also sell on Amazon too, but maybe at a slight premium.
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    Bafang Ultra Greasing Gears

    +1 on corn head. Quiets down the motor a ton. Then again doesn't take much to quiet down a motor that only has a few specs of terrible grease on it out of the factory. I don't get it...