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    Drivechain Components for Specialized Creo Turbo

    Can you please post links to the chain and cassette for the Specialized Creo Turbo? On Amazon or wherever. I like to change these every season. (I used to do this regularly on my Bulls EVO. I'm just completing my first season on the Creo and I'm not sure of the precise specs for these...
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    Is a Slime Seal (Tube) Permanent?

    Hi - not specifically an eBike question, but I just got my first slime seal on my slime tubed tires and I have a couple of questions. (Mounted on a Specialized Turbo Creo, in case you are interested.) I felt it when I rode over a piece of shrapnel and heard it clatter away from underneath. What...
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    How do you clean your chain?

    Simple question - how do you clean your chain? How often do you clean your chain? The related question is why don't e-bikes freewheel the front cog backwards? This obviously makes cleaning the chain difficult, hence my original question. Thanks for your advice!
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    Is there any way to get USB power out of the Creo battery?

    I'm loving my Creo Turbo. It checks all my boxes. Lightweight Extender Battery 28mph Built-in Power / Cadence / Speed Configurable (via App) There only one feature that I don't see and that would be the ability to plug in a USB cable to draw power from the battery to power a USB device, like...
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    Does anyone know what this little plug is?

    I lost this thing today on a gnarly gravel trail :) . Is that this Rubber Cable Port Plug? Or something else? If I can't get the plug, what sort of bolt do I need? I don't...
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    Range Extender - Initial Charge

    I just got my new Range Extender. It shows one level of power. Is there anything special to do on the initial charge? Should it be topped off? Should it not be topped off? Thanks for your advice!
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    Locking the Creo Motor

    So Mission Control for Creo doesn't have a lock function, but I thought of something creative. Here's a tip. Create a profile called Locked. Then set each turbo assist level to 0% - 10%. When you duck in for a Gatorade, set the Mission Control profile to Locked. No one is going to get very far...
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    Specs for Handlebar Stem Replacement

    I'd like to replace the handlebar stem on my Creo Turbo. I'd like to affect two aspects of the current fit. 1. I want to move the handlebars closer to the seat - less stretch to reach the handlebars. 2. I want to elevate the height of the handlebars so that my posture is slightly more upright...
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    Can I charge three batteries (Creo main plus two extenders) simultaneously with two Y cables?

    Can I charge three batteries (Creo main plus two extenders) simultaneously with two Y cables? In other words, plug the input of the second Y cable into one of the outputs of the first Y cable, giving me three free plugs. Has anyone done this? Thanks!
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    Turbo Creo SL - Road Configuration vs. EVO

    I'm considering the differences between the road configuration and the EVO for gravel. I've been e-Biking for four seasons now on a Mountain profile - Bulls E-Stream EVO 2 (hardtail). I slimmed down the wheels from 3" knobby to 2" relatively smooth, in consideration of the fact that I'm riding...
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    Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon - Century Riding

    I’m wondering how much battery I'll need to support the long century rides. I’ve been riding a BULLS E-Stream 2 for the past few years. The battery is a beast – 647 wh. The bike is a beast too – 50lb, plus when I do my longer rides I’m packing a spare battery so we’re starting off with 60lb and...
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    Power Meter Installation

    I'd like to install a power meter so I can monitor how much effort I'm putting into my courses. I'm a little confused though about how to do this. This site here...
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    Can we change the culture?

    What is it about eBiking that enrages some of the less rational, less mature cyclists? I've been eCycling for about a year now and this past Sunday I received my first negative reaction but boy was it a doozy. It's all well and good to talk about just passively cycling past and ignoring...