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    Specialized Como Battery Replacement Options?

    I bought a Como 5.0 back in July 2019. I've ridden it maybe 2,000 miles or so in the last 3.5 years. In the last year or so, I've started to notice that the range is decreasing. I can still charge the bike up to 100%, but that full charge only gets me 25-30 miles now where it used to go...
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    Has Anyone Added a Rear Rack to a Como?

    If so, what works?
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    What Real World Range Are You Seeing With Your Specialized Turbo?

    I just bought a Como 5.0 with the 600w battery and 1.3 motor. I'm wondering what sort of range owners are getting out of a full charge on their bikes. I know Specialized has a range calculator but I wasn't sure if it was accurate or not. Changing between flat, hills and mountains in that...