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  1. Max Black

    Need some advice

    We are thrilled to announce that we've launched the newest ebike to our lineup, the Wallke H6. It's a 20 inch dual battery folding fat tire electric bike. We would like to invite you to send me a quick reply if you have any suggestions or feedback for how we can make Wallke H6 even better. Your...
  2. Max Black

    UPCOMING REVIEW - 2021 Wallke X3 Pro

    Hey Everyone! I'm super excited to share a Preview video with you.
  3. Max Black

    Wallke X2 Pro user manual

    Thank you for choosing Wallke eBike. Please take the time to read the entire Instruction Manual carefully before using your wallke X2 Pro. See more in the below link:
  4. Max Black

    Wallke X2 Pro User Manual

    =AZUjXyNTzvrPmMQ84LaQzLa-3XUwcQU-rqmruZrAY-6no2fvkI1-UWYLLzgPIRGs9Dsh001-gmFbMGOPqa5janw5DV3D4MzZvcq8Btjg26qGFw4Y_Ojwks5R3_rn5WadIhJ2nJFisjsaoyLSyao4ZGhC&__tn__=*NK-R']#usermanual Dear Wallke Riders, Thank-you for choosing an Wallke X2 Pro. Please read this Wallke X2 Pro manual carefully...
  5. Max Black


    If you are wondering if there was a Wallke Facebook owners group? This group was started for Wallke eBike owner. Please feel free to share your experience, knowledge, photos, thoughts and comments about Wallke eBike on this group. We are a community that helps each other out! Welcome to join...
  6. Max Black

    The Front fork recommendations for air pressure

    You will need a special pump to add air to your fork, so that you do it a little bit at a time and have the correct pressure. Please check the below recommendations for air pressure within the forks to suit riders weight. Running too much air is common and no fun. Note: Don't do this without...
  7. Max Black

    Powerful controller or Sport controller???

    Some customers reported to us that their PAS model was so fast that they could not achieve their sports goals. Therefore, our technicians have reprogrammed the PAS mode and its sensitivity is become lower than before. But some other customers told us that they were already in very good fitness...