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  1. Chris Hammond

    Oh the Onion! Lol. You have to laugh.

    Great Onion article accurately describing how bike lanes are treated in many areas.
  2. Chris Hammond

    Another article showing the health benefits of ebiking

    So when your friends say silly things like, "do you even get any exercise riding an ebike" or something similar, show them this.
  3. Chris Hammond

    Report of my first 4000 miles on a CCS (also my first 5 months of owning it)

    So I thought I'd give an update on my first 4 weeks of ownership, which happened to coincide with crossing the 1000 mile threshold; total now is 1036 miles. The CCS really is a great bike. It rides very smooth and solid. It was clearly designed and purpose built to be exactly what I wanted; a...
  4. Chris Hammond

    Okay, talk me out of cancelling my CCS order

    Okay guys, there was an ebike demo by my work today. I was able to go test ride a Trek Super Commuter + 8S. It is a very nice bike. Very smooth, polished, comfortable, and surprisingly powerful. I was riding uphill at 28 mph without any trouble. The University is sponsoring an ebike program and...
  5. Chris Hammond

    Tubeless wheel conversion on a CCS

    I am wondering if anyone has done a tubeless conversion on the stock CCS wheels? If so how did it work out? Does anyone know the rim width on the stock CCS wheels? Will this kit work for the conversion? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Chris Hammond

    Bosch has an ABS system for Ebikes

    Just came across this article. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) It doesn't mention pricing, but looks like an innovative safety solution for ebikes that tend to be traveling faster and farther.
  7. Chris Hammond

    Why no discussions about clipless pedals on ebikes

    Okay, I am new to the world of ebikes. I am wondering why I haven't heard about any comments about clipless pedals. I have seen plenty of talking about various platform pedals that come stock on various ebikes and whether they are adequate. However, I haven't seen any talk about just switching...
  8. Chris Hammond

    4th Gen CCS will be available with 52V battery

    Hi all CCS owners and any RipCurrent S (RCS) owners as well. I have been contemplating the purchase of a CCS for a while. I was just on Juiced page, and the CCS ordering info now shows that you can order with the same 52V 21 Ah battery that is available in the RCS. Price premium is hefty for the...