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    Pannier bags on R&M Multicharger

    The TERN bags fit very well on my Multicharger (Cargo 30 model)...
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    Looking to get a spare Gates belt for my Multicharger

    I have had my Multicharger for a couple of years but looking at getting a spare belt just in case. Does anyone know where to get this and what is the correct part number from Gates? I looked online and googled it but without success. Timothy
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    Nyon 3.0 OTA firmware available

    You are so correct about this....I used it just once. Its such a terrible idea to have this on a bicycle and especially a device that sends you down busy high traffic roads. Our city has such a nice network of bicycle lanes that are totally ignored with Bosch's navigation NYON.
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    Replacement kickstand for SuperCharger 2….

    OK I put an Tern GSD double kickstand on my 2020 Mulitcharger Mixte. The dealer had some of these kicking around because the stock Tern item was replaced by a heavier duty one offered by Tern to these models. This was a great addition to my Mulitcharger. The dilemma I had was in order to get...
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    Aftermarket Cargo Front Carrier

    That is the issue with R&M. If you don't order this item at the time of your order then getting it afterwards is not like you can just go into the store and pick one off the shelf. I had this issue with another accessory that I wanted but my dealer said it was going to be more expensive...
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    Hello From New Multicharger Rider!

    Thats a good question. The high bar Multicharger has the dual battery option upon delivery but I don't think you can do this afterwards. There is probably some hardware electronics inside the motor (BMS controller) that is different to supply the logic for a dual battery setup. I do remember...
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    Hello From New Multicharger Rider!

    So have you had a pedal strike with the Supercharger? I notice it's not rear suspended so I wonder. There have been posters who have had problems with pedals strikes and they changed the crank arms to shorter ones. I think certain models are prone to it.
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    Hello From New Multicharger Rider!

    OK I have never had a pedal strike on the Multicharger. I think this is an issue with the Delite models because of the dual suspension. Think about it. When you hit a bump and bike sinks down, your pedal can be in a position of risk. The downward pedal would be close to the ground and when...
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    Hello From New Multicharger Rider!

    These "Quick Release" pedals were available from Amazon but if you notice they have these raised tabs. I took a file and removed them by filing them down. Lots of work but I really felt they weren't needed. There are other options of pedals that are quick release but these were the ones I...
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    Hello From New Multicharger Rider!

    Great review. I have the Multichargers as well but with the Vario transmission. The only issues I have had are with the supply chain of R&M. Since I ordered, there was not option to change or add items during the wait period and I wanted to add the cargo bags and even the front carrier bag...
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    Why did you buy a Riese & Müller?

    That depends on how big of a dog you have I guess.
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    Why did you buy a Riese & Müller?

    I bought the Multicharger Mixte that does exactly what I want in an ebike. The Vario works for me but I wish the handle bar control had distinctive steps and it takes a little getting use to. The belt drive is a real positive. The bike is super stable and very capable of carrying a load when I...
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    Bosch Tour+ Riding Mode for Performance Line CX Motors

    The Tour+ riding mode for the Performance Line CX with derailleur system (from model year 2020) and eMTB mode will be available from summer 2021. I still haven't got an explanation for this ...why can't a belt internal hub (Rohloff or Vario) work. It probably could be installed but why don't...
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    Riese and Müller front bag

    This is the bag that I just got from my local RAD dealership. The R&M bag was too much trouble to get as if I had ordered it after the delivery of my Multicharger, the LBS would have to charge me for the shipping costs from Germany. But as of my most recent information, the bags are not...
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    Multicharger specs

    OK I looked up the weights for the Mulitcharger Mixte, Nevo3 and Charger. Mulitcharger = 24.9 kg, Nevo3 = 28.9 kg and the Charger = 27.5 kg. These weights are all models with the Vario configurations. So the differences indicates Charger is 2.6 kg (5.2 lbs) heavier and the Nevo3 is 3.0 kg...
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    Multicharger specs

    What are the numbers? I would think the weight differences can be explained in the frame designs. Is it 5kg difference??
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    Setting up a new bike from the factory

    Thats real good service. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase an ebike from them.
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    Superdelite Framelock ?

    Thats a very good idea but I thought putting it into the tallest gear would make a start more difficult with a slow take off.
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    Bosch Tour+ Riding Mode for Performance Line CX Motors

    Something doesn't make sense here...why is it only available for the chain driven Performance Line CX Gen 4. If it is so, then we need an explanation.